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Weimaraner Pictures

Shorthaired and Longhaired

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A gray Weimaraner is standing out of the driver side door of a black Jeep parked in a garage.

Peyton May the Weimaraner at 1 year old in the Jeep—"Peyton is a great dog. She is always on the move. We spend a lot of time at the local dog park to burn all that Weim energy. Luckily I have a job that she gets to go with me most days where she loves to chase rabbits. It's hard to imagine life without her."

Other Names
  • Weimaraner Vorstehhund
  • Grey Ghost
  • Gray Ghost
  • Weim
  • Weimer Pointer
A Weimaraner is wearing a pink jacket and it is licking the hand of a toddler who is wearing a pink hat and jacket and a monkey back pack. The child has her hand in front of the dogs mouth and the dog is licking her. The dog is also wearing a pink jacket.

Peyton May the Weimaraner saying "hi" to the child

Front view - A Weimaraner dog is sitting on a tan carpet next to a dark brown leather recliner and it is looking up. The dog has a liver brown nose and silver eyes.

Peyton May the Weimaraner as an older puppy

A small Weimaraner puppy is standing in freshly cut grass and it is looking up. The pups eyes are bright blue.

Peyton May the Weimaraner as an 8-week-old puppy

A Weimaraner is sitting on a carpet and it is looking forward. There is a burgundy couch behind it. The dog has wide soft hanging ears and yellow eyes.

"Sadie the AKC certified Weimaraner at 2 years old is a very energetic, loving, loyal dog. Her favorite game is to play fetch; I get tired of throwing the ball before she even starts getting winded. She isn’t a big fan of gunshots, but I didn't buy her to hunt so were OK with that. She has a bad habit of chewing things up when we don't pay enough attention to her or don't run her enough. When properly exercised, though she is the biggest lover and just loves to lie with you on the couch. She is a VERY protective dog when it comes to my son Dylan who is 14 months. If he fusses she is at his side until he is settled down. They love to play with each other. She lies on the floor and he crawls and climbs on her, she raises her head and just lies down with a look of “hurry and get this over already.” She will be chewing on a rawhide and my son will walk over to her and pull it out of her mouth; she does not resist, just gets this sad look on her face and looks over at us like, “make him give it back.” She is the runt of her litter, but has the biggest heart of them all. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't imagine life without her."

A Weimaraner is swimming through a body of water with a tennis ball in its mouth and behind it are two swimming ducks.

Sadie the Weimaraner swimming with the ducks, fetching the ball from the water

A black and white photo of a Weiamaraner that is laying on its left side next to a coffee table and on a rug. The dog has large paws.

Sully the Weimaraner puppy at 10 months old—"In the picture he is relaxing (a rare moment in a Weimaraner puppy’s life). He is so much fun to have around."

Topdown view of a Weimaraner that is laying across a carpeted floor and it is looking up. The dog has a long snout with a big light brown nose and long wide ears that hang down.

Bones the Weimaraner at 7 months old

A Weimaraner dog is laying on rug and to the right of it is a brown couch. Its front paws are overtop of a pink and light blue plush doll.

Chance at 2 years old

Front view - A tall Weimaraner dog is sitting on a concrete surface in front of a light green house with a bay window. The dog's mouth is open and it looks like it is smiling. It has wide drop soft looking ears and long legs.

Miranda waiting at attention

Close up - A Weimaraner dog is laying across the backseat of a vehicle and it has on a green 'John Deere' trucker hat. The dog has a gray liver nose and yellow eyes.

Chloe the 1-year-old Weimaraner puppy just chillin’ out in the car!

A Weimaraner puppy is sitting against the back of a leather couch and it has lit christmas lights wrapped around it.

Decker at 11 weeks old owned by Brooke and Ryan

Close up head shot - A silver Weimaraner dog is sitting outside in front of a tree and it is wearing a pink collar. The dog has yellow eyes.

Lexi at 8 months

Front view - A silver Weimaraner dog is standing at the top of a hill and it is looking forward.

Storm at 1 year old