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Weimaraner Pictures

Shorthaired and Longhaired

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The back left side of a Weimaraner dog that is laying on a blue print couch and it is looking forward. The dog has yellow eyes.

Perro the Weimaraner

Other Names
  • Weimaraner Vorstehhund
  • Grey Ghost
  • Gray Ghost
  • Weim
  • Weimer Pointer
Front view - A Weimaraner dog is running through water with a ball in its mouth.

An adult Weimaraner running in the water with a ball in its mouth

Close up head shot - A wet Weimaraner dog is sitting in sand and it has sand on its snout. Its tongue is sticking out. The dog has silver eyes.

An adult Weimaraner making faces at the beach

Front view - A Weimaraner puppy is sitting on a rug and it is looking forward. The dog has silver fur, long drop ears and silver eyes.

Oscar the Blue Weimaraner at 12 weeks and 21 pounds (9.5 kg)

A Weimaraner puppy is sleeping belly up on its back on a brown dog bed and there is a black and white toy to the right of it.

Oscar the Blue Weimaraner at 12 weeks and 21 pounds (9.5 kg) sleeping upside-down in the dog bed with his toys.

A dark gray Weimaraner puppy is being held in the arms of a lady in a black shirt. The pup has long legs and wide soft drop ears.

Oscar the Blue Weimaraner at 12 weeks and 21 pounds (9.5 kg)

A lady in a grey sweater is holding the front half of a large Weimaraner dog in her arms inside of a home on top of a hardwood floor.

Oscar at 7 months and 105 pounds (48 kg) shows rapid growth and that the breed can be quite large.

The back of a Weimaraner that is standing on a snow covered rock in front of a large body of water. The dog is looking back at the camera.

Oscar at 9 months on the trail by his owner’s house shows how Weims are happiest out running and playing, but still close to their owner(s).

A Weimaraner puppy is laying on top of a sleeping person on a large light blue and white striped arm chair. There is a TV remote and a dog bone on the matching ottoman in front of them.

At 5 months Oscar's owner got into a bad accident. This breed is so adaptive he went from playful to docile immediately and lay with her on the couch for 3 weeks straight, only getting up to eat and go to the bathroom.