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Charlie Feist

Information and Pictures

Daisy the Charlie Feist.

"Daisy the Charlie Feist is extremely active and playful. Her favorite thing to do is play fetch with anything you will throw. She likes to go swimming and play with other dogs. Daisy is very friendly, but weary of strangers. She can jump very high—at least four feet straight up from a stand-still. She always wants to be around people. She always seems to be in tune with how people are feeling. If you are feeling down she will just sit with her head on your lap. If you are happy, she is really happy!"





Height, Weight


Health Problems


Living Conditions

Charlie Feists will do okay in an apartment so long as they get at least 20-30 minutes of exercise a day. They are fairly active indoors and should have at least a small to medium-sized yard.


When not hunting, this breed needs to be taken on a daily long walk or jog.

Life Expectancy

About 15 years


The Charlie Feist is easy to groom. An occasional combing and brushing to remove dead hair is all it needs.






DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.

Daisy the Charlie Feist.

Daisy the Charlie Feist