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Dogs Chewing....

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Dogs love to do it. The trick is to teach your dog what he can chew and what he cannot chew. Provide your dog with plenty of things he is allowed to chew.

Some of the larger breeds have very strong jaws and should not have plastic squeaky toys because they will eat them. The Bulldog on the left once ate a three-inch round plastic piece from what was thought to be a very hard plastic toy ball. Three days later he did throw it up. He also will eat a very large rawhide in less than a day, chewing off the end knots and trying to swallow them whole. This is a choking hazard and needless to say, he is not allowed to have rawhides or plastic toys. Since he does love to chew he needs bones like the ones shown above. They are real cow legs. Use caution when choosing the type of bone you give your dog. Some bones contain a knot at the end that can break off, causing the dog to choak.

In some cases rawhides are not good for large dogs. Some large dogs will quickly eat rawhides, possibly choking on the end pieces. Rawhides are also not good for a dog’s digestive system if they eat them too quickly. Rawhides are meant for chewing on. They are not a food and are not meant for eating quickly. It is okay if your dog eats a rawhide over a period of a few days or longer, but if you see your dog finishing the rawhide in a day, then you should find other things for your dog to chew on.

This is Hachi, an Akita puppy chewing on this bones.

Bubba (left), 21 months and Jake (right), 16 months. They are Boxers.

This little Cocker Spaniel's name is Kelcie. She is chewing on her toy while up on the couch.