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Leopard Cur

Information and Pictures

Janie—Leopard Curs are excellent big-game hunters!




LEP-erd kur




The Leopard Cur is a good cow and hog dog, much like the pure Catahoula.

Height, Weight


Health Problems


Living Conditions



When not hunting the Leopard Cur needs to be taken on a daily walk, jog, hike or run. In addition, it will enjoy running free in a fenced-in yard or safe, open area. 

Life Expectancy

About 12 to 15 years




The Leopard Cur should not be confused with the pure Catahoula Leopard Cur or the American Leopard Hound. Leopard Curs are a cur dog of any kind mix with a Catahoula Leopard Dog, often with different types of hounds in them.




AKC/FSS = American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service® Program

DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.

Magic the Leopard Cur barking up a tree

Magic the Leopard Cur practicing his stack



Willard the Leopard Cur puppy at 4 months old.

Willard the Leopard Cur puppy at 4 months old sitting up on the sofa



Sally, the Leopard Cur Puppy

Sally the Leopard Cur puppy



Bumper the Leopard Cur puppy.

Bumper the Leopard Cur puppy