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Pet Bird Pictures

Keeping Birds as Pets

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This is Cinco de Mayo (because he was born on the 5th of May), or just Cinco for short. He's a cinnamon cockatiel owned by Emily Tiscarenio.

This is Peaches. She is a peach-faced lovebird and Sherbert is a pied lovebird; Both are owned by Emily Tiscarenio.

This is Baby Face and Baby Cakes, they're Dutch Blue lovebirds owned by Emily Tiscarenio.

Just some friends hanging out watching some TV—Eagle Feather is a white-faced pearly-pied cockatiel, Philis Baby is a quaker, Scooter is an African Grey Parrot, Phil and Lill are Blue Indian Ringnecks, and Poncho is an Umbrella Cockatoo; owned by Emily Tiscarenio.

Just hanging out

“This is Heidi, a Blue-fronted Amazon who is six years old. She loves to talk and never stops until it's time to sleep. She sings the theme song from the TV show ‘Cops.’ Whenever she hears a siren, she breaks into the ‘Bad Boys’ song. Then when she's done singing she'll yell, ‘Yah!!’ She also likes to make up her own songs that make no sense to me, but I'm quite sure they do to her. She will tell me she loves me, then say ‘come here, gimme a kiss.’ She will ask for a shower each morning then flap her wings. She always says good morning to each of the four dogs and our canary, Charlie. After her shower, she likes to dance and will bob up and down and yell, ’Let's boogie! Get Down, Down Heidi Down, Go, Go!’ She loves the radio and will start to dance as soon as it's turned on. She is always asking me, ’What ya doing?’ She is my companion and friend who is very smart and seems to know what she is saying and how to use her words. She knows each of the dogs by name and can tell which one is barking when they are outside, as she will yell out their name and tell them to be quiet. Of course, when there are people here waiting for her to speak, she just looks at them, not a word! When I would love to show her off, she will not say one word. She is a true comic!!”