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Tick Pictures on Dogs and Humans

Dog tick sucking the inside of a dog's ear

Ticks that spent a day or more sucking the blood of a dog before being removed

Dog tick right after it was pulled off the dog’s ear. Notice the chunk of dog's skin which is still in the tick’s mouth.

Dog ticks

Dog ticks crawling on human skin

Top: Dog tick full of blood after it has been sucking for a few days. Bottom: Dog tick with an empty belly.

Close-up shot of the almost-full dog tick. Notice the skin is still in its mouth after it was pulled off the dog.

Ixodes pacificus (Western black-legged tick) sometimes called Lyme ticks

Tick taken off of a dog in BC Canada.

Tick taken off of a dog in BC, Canada—ticks numb the skin and then drink and grow a big blood belly.