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What do I need for my new puppy or dog?


What you need for your new puppy or dog. When adopting a dog or puppy for the first time, there are certain things every owner should have on hand from day one. Some things are optional and some should be considered necessities. Below you will find two lists; one list of supplies every owner must have the day your new dog or puppy arrives and a list of optional dog or puppy supplies you may need, but do not need the very first day you bring your new pet home. After you have had your new pet for a few days you will have a better idea of what types of things you absolutely need and what types of things you do not feel you will use. Some of the things on the optional list you may find you wish to have from day one, depending on your situation.



Supplies you need
(when bringing home your first puppy or dog)

Optional Supplies
(depending on the type of dog, budget and living conditions)

Water Bowl

Food Bowl



Dog Food

Local Veterinarian Chosen (new pet should visit vet ASAP)

Shelter (if outside dog or if dog will spend any length of time outdoors)



Dog Bed (or cozy place to sleep)

Dog Toys and Chewys (recommended for puppies)

Dog Crate (if you are crate training)


Dog Brush and or Comb (not needed for hairless dogs)

Dog Shampoo

Puppy Pee Pee Pads

Dog Carrier (for puppies and small dogs)

Dog Clippers / Strippers (Depending on coat type)




It is important to take your new dog to the vet ASAP. He or she will advise on the recommended shots and on some type of flea, tick and parasite control. There are loads of supplies available for puppies and dogs. Above are the basics. The amount of money you spend on your new pet can be endless, from doggie car seats to an endless amount of training equipment to strollers for small dogs (which are not good, BTW, as dogs, even small dogs, instinctually need to walk daily). How far you choose to go with dog supplies is up to you and your budget. For a dog to be truly happy it does not need all of the fancy equipment and supplies.

The happiest dogs are the dogs with firm, consistent, confident pack leaders; dogs like nothing more than to know who runs the show in the house, and understand what rules they are to follow. They long for structure and discipline. It’s part of their canine instinct to have an order and clearly know what is expected of them. You do not need to be constantly playing with the dog for the dog to enjoy your presence. If you have a situation where your dog or puppy will be left alone for long periods of time on a regular basis, be sure to pack walk your dog before you leave and after you get home. You may want to consider adopting more than one dog so the dogs can keep one another company during the times when their humans are not home, however they will still need the pack walk. Remember, dogs have a pack instinct, and most do not like to be left alone. Dogs that are left alone need to be well exercised before you leave, so they are in a natural rest mode. If you do not do this, they will be prone to getting themselves into trouble, such as chewing and other destructive behaviors. A dog that does not clearly know his place, or who places himself above humans in the pack order, will get very upset when you leave. Within the canine social structure, pack leaders are allowed to leave the followers, however followers are not allowed to leave the pack leaders. Give your dog plenty of exercise and spend as much time as possible with him. Above all, remember to choose the right breed for the level of energy your family has, and be your dog's firm, confident leader, so he does not feel he needs to be yours!


Written by Sharon Maguire © Dog Breed Info Center ® All Rights Reserved




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