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Westiepoo Pictures

West Highland White Terrier / Poodle Hybrid Dogs

Pickles, the Westie-Poo (half Westie, half Poodle) puppy at 9 weeks old

"This is Pickles the Westiepoo (half Westie, half Poodle) puppy at 9 weeks old. All his black colorings come from the Poodle side of the family."

Other Names

Wee Po







Aki, the Westiepoo (West Highland / Poodle mix)

Aki the Westiepoo (West Highland / Poodle mix)—"Extremely smart, affectionate, attentive and very eager to learn. Hair grows very slowly and doesn't shed. Knows all family members’ and toys’ names. Has vocabulary of approx. 80 words and constantly learning new ones. Moved from Lawtons, NY (7 weeks old) to Buffalo, NY (2 years old) to New York City (7 years old) to Northern California (currently 7.5 years old). Very healthy but had torn ligament on the right rear knee 1 year ago (unknown cause). Amazing hybrid."


This is Rascal, a Westi-poo at 1 year old

"This is Rascal, a Westipoo at 1 year old! He is the sweetest little dog ever and he is full of energy!"


Westiepoos - Shadow with his sibling at about a month old

Westiepoo puppies, Shadow and his sibling at about a month old


Baby, the adult Westie-Poo at 1 year old

Baby the adult Westiepoo at 1 year old

Chou-fleur, the Westiepoo puppy at 8 weeks old

"Chou-fleur is 8 weeks old in this photo. Her mother was a West Highland Terrier and her father was an apricot Toy Poodle. She loves playing games and also loves to sit on our laps and have a cuddle. We called her Chou-fleur because when she curls up to sleep she looks like a cauliflower!"


DaVinci, the Westie-Poo puppy at 11 weeks old

"DaVinci the Westiepoo puppy at 11 weeks old—he is so cute. He gets along great with my brother's older dog, Einstein. They even share toys when they play together."


Charlie, the Westiepoo puppy at 3 months old

"Our puppy's name is Charlie and he is 3 months old in this picture. He is a lap dog that follows me around waiting for his chance to be in my arms. He surely does love his mom. He is VERY smart. And always wants to please me. He is great with my 4-year-old as well as my fiancé that is in a wheelchair. He is 50% West Highland Terrier and 50% Miniature Poodle."


Hugo, the Westiepoo at 5 months old

"My West Highland White Terrier / Toy apricot Poodle at 5 months old—Hugo is extremely friendly and loves to play. He gets along very well with our seven-year-old tabby cat Tengo."

Hugo, the Westiepoo at 5 months old, gets a bath in the kitchen sink!

Hugo the white Westiepoo at 5 months old gets a bath in the kitchen sink!

Westie-Poos are a favorite at IntegrityPets

"Westiepoos are a favorite at IntegrityPets. This little black girl is 9 weeks old and already trying to be potty trained! She is having a little trouble teaching me when to put her out! Her mom is a West Highland White Terrier and dad is a Toy Poodle."

Westie-Poos are a favorite at IntegrityPets

"This apricot Westiepoo is very animated, gentle and fun-loving. The puppies are wonderful and her and her sisters are very quiet and patient. We began breeding Westiepoos in early 2005 because I loved both breeds, and I love the hybrid! We have a lot of great feedback from new owners. IntegrityPets"