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Dogs with Cats

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Pepper the brown brindle Pit Bull/Lab mix is looking at the camera holder and laying on a carpet with Fungi the orange cat in the background who is swatting at the dog's tail

Pepper the Pit Bull / Lab mix (Labrabull) and the cat Fungi

Maxwell the German Shorthaired Pointer puppy is up on a couch  barking at Felix the cat who has his paw in the air and is on the back of the couch

Maxwell the German Shorthaired Pointer puppy at 4 months and his ”brother” Felix, a 2-year old-cat. Watch out Maxwell, you’re about to learn that cats rule the household!

Duncan the Valley Bulldog puppy is jumping up at a blue couch with Kz the tabby cat sitting on the couches arm

Duncan the Valley Bulldog as a 10-week-old puppy with tabby/tortie Kz (Kayzee—named after a Kawasaki KZ 750 because she purrs like a motorcycle engine!)? Both were 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in this picture.

Akemi the white Akita is laying on a white rug with Ivo the gray tiger cat. The cat is looking back at the dog and the dog is looking out the window

Akemi the Akita dog with his cat friend Ivo.

Boludo the Dogo Argentino is laying on a red couch and Farouk the tiny kitten is laying curled up with the dog

Boludo the Dogo Argentino and Farouk the cat

Stamp the tri color puppy is laying on a white towel with a ball and Freda the white, gray and tan cat is sleeping in front of it.

"This is Stamp (puppy) about 10 weeks old and Freda (cat) at 10 months old, showing that cats and dogs really can get along. Stamp is pure mutt, found by the mailman running in circles in the middle of the street."

Stamp the full grown tri color dog is laying on a couch next to a belly-up reda the cat on a couch

All grown up, Stamp is a year old now, still a mystery mutt, and still loves Freda.

This section is dedicated to canines and their feline friends. Who says dogs and cats do not get along?