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Dogs with Cats

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Trudy the Boxer puppy carefully walking towards Fiona the kitten who is fluffed out and stiff. In the background is a stack of VHS Movies

Trudy the Boxer puppy chastising Fiona the kitten

A Westie puppy is licking the ear of a cat who is larger than the dog in a dog bed in front of a door

A Westie puppy licking a cat

Ruby the black and white cat is laying down next to Godzilla the black and white Japanese Chin under a Christmas tree on a rug

Ruby the cat and Zilla (short for Godzilla) the Japanese Chin

Two dogs on a couch with an orange tabby cat laying down in front of them

Petey the Pitbull, Valentine the Vizsla / Whippet mix and then there is Toby the yellow tabby—this is a common sight when its naptime!

Maggie the Dog is sniffing the ears of Tigger the Cat who is in an office chair

Maggie and Tigger, friends forever

This section is dedicated to canines and their feline friends. Who says dogs and cats do not get along?