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Dogs with Cats

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A curly, wavy coated brown dog with thick hair with her head over top of a gray tiger cat on a couch

Abbey the 1 year old Goldendoodle loves her Golden Retriever sister Baily (not pictured) and her big brother Siamese cat Sid.

A gray tiger colored cat laying down next to a sleeping large, thick haired brown dog on a brown couch

Abbey the Goldendoodle taking a nap with Sid the cat

Shadow the gray tiger cat and Noel the Maltese are standing together in a brown wicker basket

The cat is Shadow and the dog is Noel.. They are both 3 years old. Shadow is a Blue Ribbon White Persian / alley cat mix and Noel is a Maltese.

Dash the brown brindle and white Staffordshire Terrier is laying on a couch with a black and white cat named Pitsikokos

This is 6-month-old Dash, an American Staffordshire Terrier, with Pitsikokos the 5-year-old cat. They really hate each other (look at the cat's expression), so this is a very rare moment. This comical pair resides in Athens, Greece.

Jake the red colored retriever dog and Socks the gray and white tiger cat are laying in the grass next to each other on the curb of the street

This is 10-year-old Jake with Socks the cat, who took to him as a kitten.

Sky the Ragdoll cat is laying in the lap of a man on a blue recliner chair and Bubbles the black and white dog is sleeping next to them on a couch

Sky sleeping with Bubbles

Squirt the white and orange Bulldog laying on a table top with his arm overtop of Brutus the gray tiger cat who is also laying on the a table

Squirt the Bulldog and his best friend Brutus the cat.  For some reason Squirt loves to lie on the kitchen table. He learned how to push the chairs out and use them as a step up to the table. I came out into the kitchen one day just in time to see these two, arm-in-arm, enjoying themselves on the table.

Bleki the black English Cocker Spaniel is laying down in front of his dog food bowl watching Cikita the black and white cat eat food from it

Bleki the English Cocker Spaniel and his best friend Cikita the cat

This section is dedicated to canines and their feline friends. Who says dogs and cats do not get along?