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Mazzie Stellaluna 8 weeks old weighing 1 pound

This is Mazzie Stellaluna. She's 8 weeks old in these photos, but only a little over 1 pound!

Mazzie Stellaluna 8 weeks old weighing 1 pound

Mazzie Stellaluna at 8 weeks old, weighing 1 pound

This is Mazzie when she was a wee pup. She weighed just 1 pound and fit right in the hamster cage! This photo has not been altered.

Here Mazzie is at 6 months old, weighing in at 9 pounds!


Princess Penelope "Penny" La Pugh. She was born Jan. 20, 2002. She is an AKC Boston Terrier, brindle in color. Her face is unique with hardly any white markings. She is playful and feisty. Her owners lover her so!

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Brutus the Boston Terrier

Brutus the Boston Terrier



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