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Lilly the piebald Dachshund at 6 months old—"She doesn't have a bad temper. She likes just about everything. She has a bad habit with chewing on toilet paper, and she goes outside about 6 times everyday. And she just can't stop getting all jumpy whenever she sees our cat. She also is a little bit dappled. She has some on her ear, her back, and on her leg."


Lilly the piebald Dachshund at 6 months old

Lilly the piebald Dachshund at 6 months old


Betty Boop, a Mini Dachshund as a 4 month old puppy

Betty Boop, a mini Dachshund as a 4-month-old puppy grew up to be an 8-pound dog.


Charlie the brown, black and white piebald Dachshund puppy

Charlie the brown, black and white piebald Dachshund puppy


Dachshund Puppy Dogs

Sleepy Morgan

Dachshund Puppy Dogs

Cocoa, 13 months

Dachshund Puppy Dogs

Heidi-May the obsessed "ball dog"

Dachshund Puppy Dogs

Chocolate, “Hey, someone let me out of here!”

Dachshund Puppy Dogs

This little puppy is named Bosconshvegan Haagan Dachshund, Bosco for short. He's a red Toy Dachshund.



Dachshund Puppy Dogs

Odie is 10 weeks old (March 2001) in this picture at the beach. He is part of our family and enjoys going places and meeting people. He is a miniature Dachshund, but we call him a "teeny weenie." Get it?

Dachshund Puppy Dogs

Hi, my name is Maggie. Visit Maggie's owner's site at...Steve {give me a} Hollar.

Dachshund Puppy Dogs

Neon and Lexie like watching out the window. Lexie is a longhaired double dapple and Neon is a shorthaired dapple.


Dachshund Puppy Dogs

Rusty Kash the Miniature Dachshund





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