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Types of Bulldogs


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Alano Español

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

American Bulldog

American Bull Dogue de Bordeaux

American Bully

American French Bulldog

Amitola Bulldog

Australian Bulldog

Banter Bulldogge

Bonsai Bulldogge

Campeiro Bulldog

Catahoula Bulldog

Colorado Bulldog

Continental Bulldog

Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldogge

EngAm Bulldog / Olde Bulldog

English Boston-Bulldog

English Bulldog

Faux Frenchbo Bulldog

Free-Lance Bulldog

French Bulldog

Italian Bulldogge

Larson Lakeview Bulldogge

Leavitt Bulldog

Mallorquin Bulldog

Mammut Bulldog

Miniature Australian Bulldog

Miniature Bulldog

Miniature English Bulldog

Mollett Victorian Bulldog

Mountain Bulldog

Old Anglican Bulldogge

Olde Boston Bulldogge

Olde English Bulldogge

Olde Pit Bulldogge

Olde Staff Bulldogge

Olde Victorian Bulldogge

Original English Bulldogge

Otto Bulldog

Pakistani Bull Dog (Gull Dong)

Red-Tiger Bulldog

Spanish Bulldog (Alano Español)

Valley Bulldog

Vanguard Bulldog

Victorian Boston Bulldog

Victorian Bulldog

Victorian Bulldog (Mollett)

White English Bulldog




To see a full list including hybrids visit All Purebreds and Cross Breeds.

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Reliability with Non-Canine Pets

Natural Dogmanship

It's a Way of Life

A Group Effort

Why Dogs Must be Followers

What Does it Mean to be Dominant?

Dogs Only Need Love

Different Dog Temperaments

Dog Body Language

Dog Training vs. Dog Behavior

Punishment vs. Correction in Dogs

Are you setting your dog up for failure?

Lack of Natural Dog Behavior Knowledge

The Grouchy Dog

Working with a Fearful Dog

Old Dog, New Tricks

Understanding a Dog's Senses

The Human Dog

My Dog was Abused

Successfully Adopting a Rescue Dog

Positive Reinforcement: Is it enough?

Adult Dog and the New Puppy

Why Did My Dog Do That?

Proper Way to Walk a Dog

The Walk: Passing Other Dogs

Introducing Dogs

Dogs and Human Emotions

Do Dogs Discriminate?

Speaking Dog

Dogs: Fear of Storms and Fireworks

Providing a Job Helps Dog with Issues

Teaching Dogs to Respect the Kids

Proper Human to Dog Communication

Rude Dog Owners

Canine Feeding Instincts

Human to Dog No-No's: Your Dog

Human to Dog No-No's: Other Dogs

FAQ About Dogs

Small Dogs vs. Medium and Large Dogs

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dominant Behaviors in Dogs

The Submissive Dog

Bringing Home the New Human Baby

Approaching a Dog

Top Dog

Establishing and Keeping Alpha Position

Alpha Boot Camp for Dogs

Guarding Furniture

Stopping a Jumping Dog

Using Human Psychology on Jumping Dogs

Spaying and Neutering your Dog

Submissive Peeing

An Alpha Dog

Who's More Prone to Fight, Male or Female Dogs?

Whelping: Puppy Nipple Guarding

The Truth behind the Pit Bull Terrier

Protecting Your Puppy from Dog Attacks

Chaining Dogs

SPCA High-Kill Shelter

A Senseless Death, a Misunderstood Dog

Amazing What a Little Leadership Can Do

Transforming a Rescue Dog

DNA Canine Breed Identification

Dog Bite Survey

Raising a Puppy

Stages of Puppy Development

Introducing a New Crate to a Puppy or Dog

Puppy Temperament Test

Puppy Temperaments

A Dog Fight - Understanding your Pack

Understanding your puppy or dog

Runaway Dog!

Socializing your Dog

Should I Get a Second Dog

Is your Dog Out of Control?

Illusion Dog Training Collar

Top Dog Photos


Training your Puppy or Dog

Puppy Biting

Deaf Dogs

Are You Ready for a Dog?

Breeders vs. Rescues

Find the Perfect Dog

Caught in the Act

The Pack of Dogs is Here!

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Raising a Puppy
Why did my dog do that?
Speaking Dog
Small Dog Syndrome
Dominant Behaviors in Dogs
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