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Great Danes

Multi-Champion Dogiwogin Fricka Flicka (Kali), Best Veteran CAC Show 2000, Photo courtesy of Maria Winsor-Ginala



Great Dane Puppy Dogs

FIN. EST. RUS. CH. Fainomenon Attiki Kalevalla, Photo courtesy of Maria Winsor-Ginala



Great Dane Puppy Dogs

This is American and International Champion Sunnyside MacIntosh Von Raseac, CGC. Photo courtesy of MacDanes, Champion Great Danes


Great Dane Puppy Dogs

This harlequin Great Dane is bigger and heavier than the other Danes, and as much as 3 feet (one meter) tall. The harlequin is equally good natured and intelligent, but it is somewhat more phlegmatic and not as quick in responding to orders. Photo courtesy of Tara and Otto, The Precious Pack


Great Danes

This is Bailey, a harlequin Great Dane (back) and JT, a merle Great Dane (front). Photo courtesy of Danes-R-Us


Great Dane Puppy Dogs

Great Dane Puppy Dogs

This is Koudra from Greece. Koudra was born deaf, but his owner says, "We never have problem understanding each other! I don't regret a single moment of our life together!!!"



Great Dane Puppy Dogs

Homer the harlequin Great Dane and Spanky the kitten


Great Dane Puppy Dogs

Homer the harlequin Great Dane


Great Dane Puppy Dogs       Great Dane Puppy Dogs

This is Jeremy. He comes from champion blood lines but was never shown. His owners say this is their 5th Dane. Unfortunately, the other Great Danes lived only 7 years. I am happy to say that Jeremy is 10 ½ years old, and with the exception of some hip displeasure and an occasional slip-up on his "duties" is fine indeed. Jeremy is on medication that helps. Just a magnificent animal...
   1. In this picture taken in November 1999, he is at the Rock Harbor Beach in Eastham, Mass. on Cape Cod.
    2. In this picture taken Sept.1997, he is waiting to go for his walk on the same beach.




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