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Pomapoo Pictures

Pomeranian / Poodle Hybrid Dogs

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Guinness, the Pomapoo at 1 year old

Guinness the Pomapoo at 1 year old

Other Names



Pom A Poo








Pomapoo (Pooranian) Pomeranian / Poodle Mix Pomapoo (Pooranian) Pomeranian / Poodle Mix

1½-year-old Pom-A-Poo named Tala from Toronto, Canada

Pom-A-Poo Puppy at 10 weeks old. Poodle mom and Pomeranian dad

Pom-A-Poo puppy at 10 weeks old (Poodle mom and Pomeranian dad)

"This is Thumper, my 7-week-old Pomapoo (or Poopom). His mom is a Pomeranian and his dad a Toy Poodle. Thumper is a very active little puppy. Loves to chase balls and feet. :] He's also a very loving and affectionate dog. He thinks there’s nothing like snuggling up next you all day. He's pretty small in size. He's about 6 inches in length and stands about 4 inches high. He weighs only 13 ounces. He was easily housebroken and learns quickly. Although he's small, he has a huge appetite. He doesn’t shed much and doesn’t require a lot of grooming. He loves other animals, including cats. I took this picture of him lying beside me while I was working on the computer."

Baily, the Pomapoo at 2 years old

Baily the Pomapoo at 2 years old

Baily, the Pomapoo at 2 years old

Baily the Pomapoo at 2 years old

Pomapoo (Pooranian) Pomeranian / Poodle Mix

Charlie at 3 years old and 10 pounds (4.6 kg) is a character and a joy!

Pomapoo (Pooranian) Pomeranian / Poodle Mix


Pomapoo (Pooranian) Pomeranian / Poodle Mix

Mina, a 5-year-old apricot Pomapoo