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Dogs Caught in the Act!

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Shadow the Shiloh Shepherd puppy is laying on a hardwood floor with a red toy ring in front of it. Shilohs left ear is up and right ear is down

Here is Shadow the Shiloh Shepherd puppy at 11 weeks old. She was playing happily with her toy ring, so I proceeded to make lunch and clean the dishes. I didn't check her for about 10 minutes because I was hungry and she had been playing contentedly.

Shadow the Shiloh Shepherd puppy is standing next to a knocked over trash bag with trash spilling out

Then I heard a funny noise. Sure enough, she had gotten into the trash that was set on the floor for about 5 minutes on its way out the door. Lesson learned? Never set a trash bag down on the floor near a puppy.

Shadow the Shiloh Shepherd puppy digging in the trash Shadow the Shiloh Shepherd puppy is laying under a chair next to a table

This is Shadow, a Shiloh Shepherd puppy at 10½ weeks old. Puppies will often find a secure enclosed or partially enclosed space to rest. It feels more like a den, or their birthing nest, if there is protection of some sort.

Shadow the Shiloh Shepherd puppy is laying under a chair and biting one of the wooden stools

Just be aware: if the space is something she can do damage to by sinking her teeth into, you keep your eye on her and teach her not to chew it. "Shadow, NO! Don't chew that chair!"

Brandy Ann the Olde Victorian Bulldogge is trying to sit in a small carrier and looking at the ground

"But I wanna go too, Mom!’ Brandy Ann of Lioncrest Kennels, an Olde Victorian Bulldogge tries to squash her 75-pound body into our Chihuahua's carrier stored in a closet."

Nikki the Springer Spaniel mix with a dog food container stuck on his head and looking up

"My Springer Spaniel mix, Nikki is a food hog. She will turn the bowl over, push it across the floor and generally do whatever she has to do to get the last morsel of food. This time her greediness got the best of her. I was in my bedroom and kept hearing a thumping noise in the dining room. It was Nikki bumping into the walls, table, and chairs to try to get her food jar off her!"

Tanner the Goldendoodle is laying on a rug with paper towels bitten and torn apart into pieces around him

"Imagine my surprise when I found Tanner, my one-year-old Goldendoodle happily working on his paper towel project. He'd managed to nudge open a cabinet, select two rolls of paper towels (note the different designs) and ’do his thing.’ He was very proud of himself."

Daphne the Rat-Cha puppy is laying with a chewed napkin and pieces of the napkin are in front of her

"I took this photo of Daphne, a Rat Terrier / Chihuahua mix at 6 months old. She was surprised when I caught her shredding a napkin."

Daphne the Rat-Cha puppy is laying down with chewed up napkins in front ofher looking towards the camera holder with her head tilted to the left in front of a leather couch Casey the Boston Terrier is chewing a plush toy leaving stuffing all over the room.

"Casey the 8-month-old Boston Terrier is a very curious dog. She likes to chew and explore everything in the house. Her favorite thing to do is to take things that do not belong to her and hide them under the bed so that she can chew on them at a later time. She sometimes gets too excited and runs like a nut through the house and jumps on the furniture. Once in a while she forgets to jump and runs into the couch head first."

TonyToo the Bichon is sitting in the front of a room looking up at the camera holder. There are pieces of toilet paper littered throughout the room

"TonyToo, a 1-year-old Bichon at the time (he is now 17 and going strong!). He had earned the right to free roam the house while we were out by being a good little puppy…until we came home to toilet paper strewn about! Needless to say, the bathroom doors were no longer left open."

Elizabeth the Bichon is standing on its hind legs trying to reach a cheese plate on top of a tray table

"Mommy’s back is turned and WOW…I smell pepperoni, salami, and CHEESE…oh boy, I LOVE CHEESE. If I were just two inches taller!" (Elizabeth the Bichon was 7 years old at the time.)