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Those Amazing Dogs!

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A team of dogs pulling a sled with a person on it

Who said that only Huskies could pull sleds??

Silly Tilly

Tilly the dog is laying on a porch and allowing a kitten to suckle on its nipple

Tilly is playing mommy to this little kitten. She is allowing T.P. the kitten to suckle her.

Close Up - The Kitten suckling on Tilly
Cali the Labrador Retriever is swimming through a body of water with a split log in its mouth

Cali is a 1 ½-year-old Labrador Retriever. He absolutely loves fetching huge logs. If you throw a little stick for him he won't even bother with it!

Cali the Labrador Retriever is carrying a huge branch through a field

Cali carrying a huge stick.

Cali the Labrador Retriever is dragging a huge branch through a field

Cali does not give up easily

If you think you have an amazing dog photo and would like to share please send it in.

Please Note:
To qualify for the Amazing Dog photo section, the photo needs to be of your dog doing something amazing or out of the ordinary. Please do not send in photos out of books, magazines or from other websites without proper permission from the owner of the photo. Due to the high number of photos sent in, not all photos are posted.

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