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Those Amazing Dogs!

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A Havanese Dog just ran though an agility tube and is in mid-air jumping over a bar obstacle in a field

Compliments to MystykalSky Hav's, Wendy and her Havanese agility dog, photo courtesy of MistyTrails Havanese

Darwin the Australian Blue Heeler is jumping in mid-air after a pink frisbee which is inches from his open mouth in a houseDarwin the Australian Blue Heeler is jumping over an agility bar obstacle and a person is running next to it

This is Darwin, a two-year-old Australian Blue Heeler. Darwin loves to play Frisbee, LOVES to swim, and is trying his paw at agility lately. Go Darwin!!

Lothar the Dutch Sheoherd is jumping to the sky

This is a Dutch Shepherd named Lothar jumping for a rope.

Meg the Border Collie mix is standing  up high in a tree and looking to the left

Meg is a three-year-old Border Collie mix (a rescue). She loves scaring the daylights out of the squirrels in her owners’ pecan trees by scooting up the trees after them. The day this picture was taken, she obliged the camera by posing on her favorite limb.

Chico the Great Pyrenees Puppy is laying in a cooler full of ice.

This is Chico, a 10-week-old Great Pyrenees puppy. Chico was never introduced to the fact that coolers were cool. One hot summer day he opened the lid himself and climbed right in. Then he went to sleep. :) But not until after chewing a hole in the Gatorade bottle!

Chico the Great Pyrenees Puppy is digging through ice in a cooler

If you think you have an amazing dog photo and would like to share please send it in.

Please Note:
To qualify for the Amazing Dog photo section, the photo needs to be of your dog doing something amazing or out of the ordinary. Please do not send in photos out of books, magazines or from other websites without proper permission from the owner of the photo. Due to the high number of photos sent in, not all photos are posted.

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