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Spike the Australian Cattle Dog is in mid-air sideways jumping up and catching an item as two other dogs watch from the ground.

"This is Spike, an 8-year-old Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler). Spike was rescued when he was a few months old; he had been tied to a huge chain since he was 12 weeks old. The owners gladly gave him up when I asked, because they couldn't handle the busy personality that Heelers are notorious for! Spike has been an extremely loyal and wonderful dog ever since. He is actually a little on the lazy side, that is until a ball is thrown! This picture is an everyday occurrence around our house. Every time a ball is thrown, he leaps into the air and does a complete flip before chasing it. Sometimes he will catch the ball as it flies past him!"

Toby the Chocalate Lab is several feet off of the ground jumping up to grab a stick out of a persons hand. The picture is in black and white

"This is Toby, a 1 ½-year-old Chocolate Lab. In the black-and-white photo he's jumping to a height of about 6 feet (I'm 6'1"). I think it's pretty amazing."

Tom the Short Haired Pointer is jumping into a body of water with a stick in its mouth. There is a person standing on a dock behind it.

"Tom is a unique dog with a unique name for a dog. Tom is a shorthair Pointer that loves to be in the water and can't resist chasing a Frisbee."

Rosie the Miniature Schnauzer is nursing a litter of puppies and also a raccoon

Rosie the Miniature Schnauzer had a litter of puppies and happily took in two orphaned baby raccoons, treating them no differently than her own puppies.

"The mom of the two baby raccoons fell down into a space of the wall at a friend’s house and I guess she died. They had to take a piece of the wall out to retrieve the coons. He came to work and asked me if I knew of anyone that wanted two baby raccoons. Me being such an animal fanatic I have always wanted a baby raccoon so I went to get them. When I brought them home I was trying to feed them with a bottle and they were getting mad when I tried to put the nipple of the bottle in their mouths. So Rosie the momma Schnauzer was outside and I put the baby raccoons down and they were more scared then Rosie was. Rosie went up to them and started licking them like she does her puppies. After a while of that, I was hoping that she would not hurt them. So I placed the baby raccoons in the bedding that the puppies slept in. I kept checking on them and about one hour later I went back to check and both of them were nursing. Rosie treats them like they are her own. She cleans them and plays with them just like they are her own. I have always heard of other animals taking in other kinds but being a Schnauzer—which is a mouser and loves to chase animals smaller than it—I never imagined that she would take them in."

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