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Those Amazing Dogs!

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Dro the Pit Bull is in mid-air jumping off of a boat into a body of water

"This 2-year-old Pit Bull named Dro will run full speed and jump in off the dock after anything thrown in the water. If you get caught in the current of the bay, you can count on him to swim to you and pull you to the swim ladder every time! If you throw something that sinks he dives under the water for it. He also catches a Frisbee. He is a great dog and truly man's best friend!"

Dro the Pit Bull in the air as it is jumping off of a boat into a body of waterDro the Pit Bull Splashing into a Body of waterDro the Pit Bull is swimming through the body of water with a tennis ball in its mouth


Those Amazing Bloodhounds!

Two Bloodhounds are swimming through a pool

Am/Can Ch. Soonipi Mack the Knife BeCoz MT CGC (Radar)
Am/Can Ch. Legacy's Capital Gains MT (Cash)
Ch. Patriots Cruizin's Missile (Rocketman)

Also known as Radar, Cash and Rocketman, these three Bloodhounds have a passion for swimming. Their owner, Rita Payne, says "Our boys love it! It's what they live for when they see that winter cover come off."

A Bloodhound dog is jumping into a pool as a second Bloodhound watches.

Radar flying into the pool as Rocketman watches.

Rocketman splashes into a pool as Radar and Cash are watching

Rocketman splashes into the pool as Radar and Cash watch.

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