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Those Amazing Dogs!

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Zima the Heeler / Jack Russell mix is jumping at a stone wall

"Zima is a 25-pound Heeler / Jack Russell mix and she is about a year old in these pictures. That is a 6-foot wall and her motivation is the two nasty dogs next door."

Zima the Heeler / Jack Russell mix is 3 feet off of the ground jumping to the top of a six foot wall

"She torments them constantly when she is over at my mom's house. We don't let her out there unsupervised anymore because she has been getting three feet on the top of the fence and we don't want her to fall in!"

Zima the Heeler / Jack Russell mix is 4 feet off of the ground jumping to the top of a six foot wall

"She does the same stunt at home with our neighbor's dogs as well; although we only have a 5-foot fence, which she can easily scale, she never goes over into the other yards."

KC the Labrabull is wearing a orange life vest and sitting at the edge of a yellow raft that is floating in water. There is a Buoy with the number 2 on it with 4 seals on the buoy

KC, the Lab / Pit Bull mix (Labrabull) at 4.5 years old on a tandem Malibu II kayak with a custom carpeted platform built for KC's comfort and traction so she can dive off of it. The photo was taken out in the Pacific Ocean about one mile offshore from Ocean Beach in San Diego, CA.

KC the Labrabull is wearing an orange life vest swimming in water with an object in its mouth

KC, the Lab / Pitbull mix (Labrabull) at 4.5 years old retrieving an object from the water.

A German Shepherd is riding on a Jet Ski with a Man in a blue life jacket

"I have two German Shepherds who love to ride Jet Skis. This guy’s name is Kaizer and he’s a Katrina adoption."

Bailey the Chiweenie is sitting next to a young white-tail deer with spots on its back hiding in lots of leaves

Bailey the Chiweenie (Chihuahua / Dachshund hybrid) and his best friend Spooner, a white-tail deer.

Bailey the Chiweenite and A Young White-tail deer are sitting in a lawn

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