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Those Amazing Dogs!

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Ziggy the Bull Terrier is in the middle of a jump a couple of feet up in the air to grab a frisbee out of the hands of a person

Here is Ziggy (of Ziggy Stardot and the Bengal Bazaar), a purebred, tri-colored Bull Terrier at 14 months old playing his favorite game, Frisbee. Once he gets it though, he doesn't want to give it back!

Rottweiler is jumping into a pool trying to get the water that is spraying out of a hose into the poolRottweiler is jumping into a pool. There is a hose spraying water into the pool

Rottweiler having some water fun, jumping into a pool and playing with spraying hose.

The hose is spraying the side of the pool, and the Rottweiler is getting in its mouthA Rottweiler is jumping into the water to get the hose spraying into the pool.
The Rottweiler is jumping off of diving board into a pool to bite the water that is coming out of a hoseA Rottweiler is jumping off the side of a pool to bite at the water coming out of a hose
The Rottweiler is in mid-air jumping into a pool to get at the water spraying out of a water hoseThe Rottweiler is in the pool and laying its head poolside to get the water spraying out of a hose
The Rottweiler is standing poolside trying to get the water spraying out of a hose. Another Dog is jumping into the pool next to itThe Rottweiler is jumping into a pool. There is another dog sitting in the water on the side of the pool
A Papillon dog is jumping over a white, blue and red agility bar on an obstacle course

Papillon performing in agility, photo courtesy of Ayers Pampered Pets.

If you think you have an amazing dog photo and would like to share please send it in.

Please Note:
To qualify for the Amazing Dog photo section, the photo needs to be of your dog doing something amazing or out of the ordinary. Please do not send in photos out of books, magazines or from other websites without proper permission from the owner of the photo. Due to the high number of photos sent in, not all photos are posted.

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