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Buster, the Schnoodle (Black Schnauzer / Poodle mix) at 7 years old

Buster the Schnoodle (Black Schnauzer / Poodle mix) at 7 years old


Schnoodle Puppies

Schnoodle puppies, photo courtesy of Schnoodles of Bexley


Schnoodle Puppy Dogs

Lexi at 8 weeks


Schnoodle Puppy Dogs

This is Annie at 9 weeks old. She is an adorable Poodle / Schnauzer mix in Dallas, Texas. She was very easily trained, is very smart and can distinguish between a ball and any other toy. She is playful, yet affectionate, and rescued from the local Humane Society.


Schnoodle Puppy Dogs

Cody at 6 months


Schnoodle Puppy Dogs

Cody at 10 months


Schnoodle - Cody at 3 years

Cody at 3 years



Schnoodle Puppy Dogs

Kaya at about 1 year—she is all-natural and has never been clipped.


Schnoodle Puppy Dogs

This is Samantha at 11 weeks. Her owners call her "Sammi" for short, because she is a tomboy! Likes to climb her gate and get into the dishwasher! But all in all, she is one sweet doggie. At 11 weeks she is doing well with the housebreaking rules.

Schnoodle Puppy Dogs

Schnoodle sisters Mookie (left) and Buffy (right)


Schnoodle Puppy Dogs

Mazy at 1 ½ years old relaxing by the pool


Schnoodle Puppy Dogs

This is Angel Noelle. She is a 2-year-old Schnoodle. She weighs 9 pounds and is 12 inches tall. She is very smart and affectionate. Her owner says, "She is a delight and a great companion. She is the love of my life."



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