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Halo the Shih Tzu at 9 years old—"Halo was the tallest puppy in the litter."



Halo the Shih Tzu at 9 years old

Halo the Shih Tzu at 9 years old

Halo the Shih Tzu at 9 years old


"This is Taz Mania Noble, but we like to call him Tazzy or Taz the Tornado. We believe he came from an irresponsible backyard breeder or puppy mill, which, unfortunately, are far too abundant where we live. He either escaped or was dumped; we figure he was dumped because of a grape-sized umbilical hernia (easily fixed). He stumbled into our lives in mid-July soaking wet, no collar, shaking, scared and smelled strongly of male cat spray. His hair covered his face and his nails were terribly overgrown. He also had puncture wounds all over him that appeared to be from a large dog bite. He was pretty much pathetic looking, we all fell in love with him and he quickly felt at home. With a bath, a trim and nails clipped, we found the bite marks and decided wherever he came from, he wasn't going back. When he was comfortable and fed he immediately started playing and going crazy, we decided Taz fit him well. He gets along perfectly with our Beagle / Basset mix Berry and loves our Min Pin / Beagle mix Mollie. However, Mollie isn't so fond of his puppy energy just yet. He is doing great with crate training and has only had two accidents in the house, which were entirely my fault. He has tried to challenge us a couple of times, biting and snapping at us and demanding food, but with reprimanding and showing him who is the leader, he is doing wonderfully. He waits for us to walk through doors first and he already knows "sit" and "wait", which is his feeding ritual so he works for his food. His favorite toy is his knotted sock, watered down and frozen, and his Kong chewie toy. He has to eat off of a plate because his nose is so flat he can't fish the kibble out of the bowl. He also loves car rides and going to the vet and pet stores, even if it does mean shots. He's getting neutered August 24, so that very well may mellow him out. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and we are very thankful he found us. Whatever troubles he may have had in his short life are over."

Taz the Shih Tzu puppy at 4 months old, weighing 6 pounds—"We are looking forward to having him with us for a long time. I do use Cesar Millan's methods with all of my dogs. I strongly suggest learning from him, especially if you have taken in a rescue or a dog with behavioral issues. Just remember nothing is instant; training your dogs will take work. With patience, consistency and knowledge, you can train any dog!"


Taina the Shih Tzu puppy at 4 months old

Taina the Shih Tzu puppy at 4 months old

Taina the Shih Tzu puppy at 4 months old

Taina the Shih Tzu puppy at 4 months old

Taina the Shih Tzu puppy at 4 months old

Taina the Shih Tzu puppy at 4 months old

Taina the Shih Tzu puppy at 4 months old

Taina the Shih Tzu puppy at 4 months old


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Emmy the Shih Tzu at 6 months old


Pepi at 2 years old


Tootsie at 5 months


Tootsie grew up!






Photo courtesy of Eulenburg Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Shih Tzus




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