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(Pekepoo) (Peke-A-Poo) (Peke a Poo) (PeekaPoo) (Pekapoo) (Peka-poo)

Pekingese / Poodle Hybrid Dogs

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Tinkerbell the Peek-a-Poo

"Tinkerbell the Peek-a-poo is the cutest, most lovable dog we have ever had. She is loving, playful and great with children. She has always been full of energy, but not too hyperactive. She is easily trained and loves to be rewarded with treats and praise. She loves attention and loves kisses. Tinkerbell is a miracle dog. When she was one year old, she fell from the stairwell while my sister was holding her and fell down 5 stairs. She broke the back of her skull and has a piece of her skull floating in her brain. She was in and out of the ER for about 3 weeks before we took her to a neurologist in Chicago, IL. It was there that they located the piece of skull in her brain. They were not sure what to do or how to remove the piece of skull since the bone was embedded in the part of her brain that controlled her movement, eating and swallowing. After deciding to keep her on pain medication and a neck brace she made a full and complete recovery. It has been 3 months since her accident and she is still the same dog that she once was. There were no effects from the accident and she has recovered like nothing had happened. The doctors didn't know what to expect for they had never seen a dog survive after being dropped on its head. It is truly a miracle that she has survived and is living a completely normal life. She is our little Miracle!!!"


Tinkerbell the Peek-a-Poo jumping down the steps.

Tinkerbell the Peek-a-poo jumping down the steps


Jezzie, a 2 month old Pekapoo who has had quiet a bit of fun in the mud this day

Jezzie, a 2-month-old Pekapoo who has had quite a bit of fun in the mud this day.


Queen Isabella, aka Bella, a 9 month old Pekapoo

Queen Isabella aka Bella, a 9-month-old Pekapoo


Peek-a-poo (Pekepoo) (Peke-A-Poo)


Peek-a-poo (Pekepoo) (Peke-A-Poo)


Peek-a-poo (Pekepoo) (Peke-A-Poo)





Peek-a-poo (Pekepoo) (Peke-A-Poo)

Suzie the Peek-a-poo

Peek-a-poo (Pekepoo) (Peke-A-Poo)

Suzie the Peek-a-poo



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