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A black, tan and white tricolor Beagle is standing in a driveway next to a laying red-nose Pit Bull

"Gunner the Beagle and Lucy the Pit Bull. This picture was taken within a week or two of the day we brought Gunner home to be Lucy's buddy. They got along from the start, once Lucy got used to Gunner's energy. Taking them for pack walks helped them to get used to each other, and tired them out so they were relaxed at home. They go for at least two walks a day, each an hour long. It's extremely important because I live in a one-bedroom apartment with a small yard.  High-energy dogs like Gunner need to release that energy so they don't become destructive, and my walks with Gunner help me to establish my dominance over him, a very dominant Beagle. And every dog, even when they're calm and submissive like Lucy, needs daily exercise and pack walks to keep them stable. It's especially important with powerful dogs like Pit Bulls because the consequences of raising an unstable powerful breed can be way more serious than that of an unstable smaller dog."

Head shot of two small dogs - A black and tan Chiweenie is laying in a dog bed next to a tan Jack Chi

"These are our two new puppies at about 9 weeks old. One is a Jack Chi and one is a Chiweenie. They are great little dogs that have good temperaments and are learning quickly. We have been applying some of your techniques in establishing our alpha position and they are even taking long walks and behaving quite well! Thanks so much for your valuable insights into natural dog behavior. This is a wonderful site."

A brown with tan doberman is standing outside with its mouth open and tongue out in front of a black with white Boston Terrier who also has its mouth open and is trotting up to the larger dog.
A black with white Terrier mix is laying on a human's bed next to a sitting black and tan German Shepherd

Blaze (Terrier mix) and Scooby (German Shepherd). Blaze was adopted from a shelter 4 years ago. She was in a house fire (hence the name). She's 5 years old now. Scooby was adopted from a shelter also. He's now almost 2 years old. When they're apart, they cry for each other. Their owner loves them dearly. They go everywhere with her!!!

A large Rottweiler dog is laying on a tan carpet with a little white Maltese dog sitting next to it.

This is Heidi the Rottweiler and Manson the Maltese. Although they are quite an unusual pair...they are the best of friends.

Action shot - A Dalmatian and a brown brindle Whippet dog are face to face play bowing in a grassy yard. There is a yellow with red football next to them. The Dalmatians mouth is open

Olivia Kachina Kodak (Dalmatian) and Glynis Cyfie Bryn (Whippet) engaged in an afternoon of fun!