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The Pack of Dogs is Here!

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Six dogs in the bed of a black Toyota pick-up truck - A Golden Retriever standing in the corner with three White Shepherds and two white Miniature Poodles.

Witch Christina, Doc, Vicky, Cindy, Nevat and Milky in the back of a Toyota pick-up truck

A tan Miniature Poodle is sitting in the background under a window of a brick house on a porch. There is a Leopard Catahoula dog and a white with black Heeler/Jack Russell Terrier mix laying down in front of it.

Millie the 7 month old female Leopard Catahoula (middle) that was picked up on an expressway when she was approximately 8 weeks old. The little black-faced one (front) is another rescue, Max, part Heeler and Jack Russell. His owners adopted him in self-defense to entertain Millie. They are joined at the hip now. The fuzzy one (back) is a Poodle and named Tazz; he is also a rescue.