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A Golden Retriever is laying in a grass face to face in front of a tan Pug/Shih Tzu puppy

"This is Zoe (left), my Pug / Shih-Tzu cross (Pug-Zu) puppy at 10 weeks old with Koa (right), my Golden Retriever. They are shown here chilling out in the garden. The two girls have bonded and are the best of friends. Zoe has helped Koa come out of her shell, as she did not know how to be a puppy. It is truly amazing watching a 2-pound puppy play and teach a 50-pound puppy...who would have thought?!!!! Zoe is a tough little princess and is a true mix of both breeds. Her little package is filled with tons of personality which is evolving every day. Zoe loves our 3 children and 2 cats and greets everyone with a true pug smile everywhere we go. Zoe loves to eat shoes and thanks to Zoe, Koa now thinks they are great fun...LOL...and digs huge holes in the garden, once again teaching Koa how to dig…g.r.e.a.t!!!! Nonetheless they are a priceless pair to watch."

"We watch Cesar Millan all the time and think he is truly an inspiration for all pet owners. Koa, our Golden Retriever came from an abandoned litter after only 3 weeks and her littermates were separated at 5 weeks. Through obedience training with very specialized trainers and following Cesar's tips we have been able to train Koa and teach her so many of the things her mother and sibling would have done. But the most amazing changes came when we brought our little Zoe home. Koa is a well-balanced and obedient puppy, one to be very proud of. And thanks to all of our studying, Zoe will have the best start to her new life with us."

Three dogs laying in the doorway inside of a house with yellow walls and a tan carpet - A tan with black ShiChi puppy, a brown with black and white Akita and a white with black and tan Akita.

Na’ima the ShiChi puppy at 3 months old hanging out with her big brother and sister, Maximus and Isis (Akitas)

A girl is sitting on the floor in front of a bed hugging two dogs flanking her. A tan Doberman puppy is sitting to her right and a white Japanese Spitz mix is in the lap of the lady. Both the dogs mouths are open and tongues are out. They all look happy.

Trigger the Dobe  at 6 months old, with Sui, a Japanese Spitz mix and their owner. They reside in the Philippines.

A tan with white Papastzu has the end of a bone in its mouth. Next to it is a black with white Terrier/Pekingese mix who has the other end of the bone in its mouth

Lulu the Papastzu at 14 months old with her sister Anabelle, a terrier / Pekingese mix

A red wheaten Rhodesian Ridgeback is laying curled in a ball on a tan carpet and in between its front paws is a Yorkie

Bryaba Says Whatchamacallit, but he goes by "Shisma," a liver-nosed, red wheaten Rhodesian Ridgeback at 3 years old, with his roomate Neelix, a Yorkie. "Shisma and Neelix sleeping on the floor...the best friends are usually curled up together when asleep."

A tan Labrador/German Shepherd mix is standing on a porch next to a brown Shar-Pei/Boerboel mix with food bowls on the ground behind them.

Zoe (left) the female Lab / German Shepherd Dog mix at 7 months old with Ziggy the male Shar-Pei / Boerboel hybrid at 7 months—"They are beautiful, very well-behaved dogs. Ziggy is a bit stubborn, though and hates water."