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A large brown with white Pit Bull Terrier is laying on the seat part of a couch with a little tan and white Chihuahua  laying on the back of the couch up higher on a pillow.

"Petey the American Bull Terrier is an example of how Pit Bulls can get along with other animals. Here he is watching over his best friend Chico the Chihuahua as they nap."

A gray and black Keeshond is sitting in front of a standing  black, tan and white Sheltie outside in grass

Keshka the Keeshond at 10 years old and Merritt the Sheltie at 3 years old

A large Dalmatian dog is sitting next to two tiny brown and black with white Jack Russell/Pekingese mix puppies on a green carpet.

Sweety the 4-year-old Dalmatian and the almost 12-week-old "twins," Jack Russell / Pekingese crosses Harley and Daquairi

A brown with white boxer puppy is sitting next to a white with tan Cocker Spaniel puppy on a red brick floor. The Cocker Spaniel is looking at the Boxer. The Boxer is looking forward

The Boxer's name is Kooba. She is three months old and extremely energetic. The Cocker Spaniel's name is Freckles. He is also three months old. They have a love/hate relationship. They are always play-fighting with each other.