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A white with black Great Dane is about to swallow the head of a brown with white Boston Terrier

"Daisy our Boston and Chloe, our new Dane. All of our dogs seem to have accepted Chloe into the pack, but she and Daisy are having a ball. They are having fun in this pic. Daisy constantly wants to play. Now she has Chloe to do it with. Chloe just lies down and Daisy runs around like a wild nut. It is amazing how gentle Chloe is with Daisy!!!"

A brown with white Boston Terrier is stuck behind a brown with white Boxer who is laying on top of it and a brown leather couch. There are two additional dogs sleeping on one side of them and a person sitting on the other side.
A black with tan Dachshund/Miniature Pincher mix is sitting next to a black Shar Pei/Dachshund mix outside next to a large bush

"Fibe (Phoebe) the Dachshund / Miniature Pincher mix (left) with Buticus the Shar Pei / Dachshund mix (right) from Brazil. Buticus was very social. He had a black and pink tongue and was strong with lots of extra skin on his upper body. He was approximately 55-61 pounds (25 - 28kg). He passed away at age 8 of kidney failure (falência renal)."