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Beagle Pictures

(English Beagle)

Page 6

"This is Miss Moo at 4 years old. She is a tricolor Beagle. When my husband is away for a six-month deployment, she never fails to be a loving friend and helps me through the lonely patches. She can sit, stay, lie down, speak, shake paw and play “find it,” where I hide a treat and she sniffs around until she finds it. I taught her how to roll over at 4 years, disproving the old saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. All you need is a yummy treat!"

Benny the sleepy Beagle

Benny the sleepy Beagle



"This is Shelby. She thinks that she is a human, sitting in her chair watching TV."



Rocky, a blue and tan Beagle



"Jessie is black and white, a very unusual coloring for a Beagle. Colors that aren't in the standard, like black and white, tend to show up in hunting lines more often than show/pet lines."



"Buddy is a blue-tick Beagle. Blue-tick Beagles are fairly common in hunting lines in the southeastern U.S."



Dude is a blue-tick Beagle.

Johnnie is a blue-tick Beagle.



Johnnie and Buddy, two blue-tick Beagles



Jenny and Butch, trying to decide whose ears are longer     :-)