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Medium Dogs—Roughly ranging from 20-50 pounds (9-23 kg)


americancockerspanielphs.jpg (3023 bytes)
American Cocker Spaniel

basenjiphs.jpg (2704 bytes)

airedalephs.jpg (3637 bytes)
Airedale Terrier

beaglephs.jpg (4036 bytes)

germanpinscherphs.jpg (5325 bytes)
German Pinscher

PetitBassetGriffonVendeenphs.jpg (3876 bytes)
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Pharaohhoundphs.jpg (3521 bytes)
Pharaoh Hound
(Kelb Tal-Fenek)

BostonTerrierphs.jpg (4194 bytes)
Boston Terrier

FrenchBulldogphs.jpg (5318 bytes)
French Bulldog

Kaiphs.jpg (3105 bytes)
Kai Dog

StaffordshireBullTerrierphs.jpg (5085 bytes)
Staffordshire Bull Terrier

salukiphs.jpg (4327 bytes)

welshcorgiphs.jpg (2952 bytes)
Cardigan Welsh Corgi

pembrokephs.jpg (4822 bytes)
Pembroke Welsh Corgi

scottyphs.jpg (4803 bytes)
Scottish Terrier

Russian Spaniel


shibaphs.jpg (3391 bytes)
Shiba Inu

softcoatwheatenterrierphs.jpg (4153 bytes)
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

siberianhuskyphs.jpg (2888 bytes)
Siberian Husky

WelshTerrierphs.jpg (4534 bytes)
Welsh Terrier


bordercolliephs.jpg (3750 bytes)
Border Collie

skyephs.jpg (2469 bytes)
Skye Terrier

portuguesewaterphs.jpg (3974 bytes)
Portuguese Water Dog

brittanyphs.jpg (2927 bytes)
Brittany Spaniel

LouisianaCatahoulaLeopardphs.jpg (5681 bytes)
Catahoula Leopard Dog

EnglishSpringerSpanielphs.jpg (4115 bytes)
English Springer Spaniel

fieldspanielphs.jpg (4262 bytes)
Field Spaniel

WelshSpringerSpanielphs.jpg (4472 bytes)
Welsh Springer Spaniel

dalmatianphs.jpg (3145 bytes)

sussexphs.jpg (3174 bytes)
Sussex Spaniel

kerrybluephs.jpg (3494 bytes)
Kerry Blue Terrier

IrishTerrierphs.jpg (3834 bytes)
Irish Terrier

pitbullphs.jpg (2877 bytes)
American Pit Bull Terrier

German Spitz

Tibetanphs.jpg (4679 bytes)
Tibetan Terrier

standardschnauzerphs.jpg (2301 bytes)
Standard Schnauzer

ibizanhoundstandphs.jpg (4579 bytes)
Ibizan Hound


harrierphs.jpg (3309 bytes)

australiankelpiephs.jpg (3421 bytes)
Australian Kelpie

azawakhphs.jpg (3638 bytes)
Azawakh Hound

carolinadogphs.jpg (3043 bytes)
The Carolina Dog

americanwaterspanielphs.jpg (3797 bytes)
American Water

FinnishLapphundphs.jpg (3639 bytes)
Finnish Lapphund


mudiphs.jpg (3357 bytes)

NewGuineaSingingDogphs.jpg (3518 bytes)
New Guinea Singing Dog

FinnishSpitzphs.jpg (3804 bytes)
Finnish Spitz

canaanphs.jpg (4411 bytes)
Canaan Dog

Basset Artesian Normand

MiniatureAustralianShepherdphs.jpg (3585 bytes)
Miniature Australian

McNabphs.jpg (4104 bytes)

Boykinphs.jpg (3502 bytes)
Boykin Spaniel

PodengosPortuguesosphs.jpg (3226 bytes)
Podengo Portugueso Medio

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

karelianbeardogphs.tif (16532 bytes)
Karelian Bear Dog

tennesseetreeingbrindlephs.jpg (2274 bytes)
Treeing Tennessee Brindle

NovaScotiaDuckTollingphs.jpg (3579 bytes)
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

DrentsePatrijshondphs.jpg (3179 bytes)
Drentse Patrijshond

Telomianphs.jpg (2820 bytes)

australiancattledogphs.jpg (6072 bytes)
Australian Cattle Dog

EnglishCockerphs.jpg (3566 bytes)
English Cocker Spaniel

MountainViewCurphs.jpg (4716 bytes)
Mountain View Cur

Mountain Cur

Stabijhounphs.jpg (4546 bytes)

Portuguese Shepherd Dog

Dutch Smoushond

Spanish Water Dog

Austrian Pinscher

Catalan Sheepdog


Glen of Imaal Terrier

German Hunt Terrier

Cajun Squirrel Dog


Swedish Vallhund

Blue Lacy
Blue Lacy

West Siberian Laika

Croatian Sheepdog



Beagle Harrier

American Blue Lacy

American Indian Dog

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

Silken Windhound

Chinese Chongqing Dog

Hairless Khala

Peruvian Inca Orchid

Hellenikos Ichnilatis

Cretan Hound


Alpine Dachsbracke

Titan Terrier

Olde Boston Bulldogge

Mountain Feist

Petit Bleu de Gascogne

American Bullnese

Lagotto Romagnolo

Small Münsterländer

Estonian Hound

Mudhol Hound

Basset bleu de Gascogne

Cirneco Dell'Etna

French Brittany


Welsh Sheepdog

Slovakian Hound

Blue Picardy Spaniel





Toy / Small Dogs—Roughly ranging up to 20 pounds (9 kg)

Medium Dogs—Roughly ranging from 20-50 pounds (9-23 kg)

Large Dogs—Roughly ranging from 50-100 pounds (23-45 kg)

Extra-Large Dogs—Can get to be over 100 pounds (45 kg)




Small Dogs vs. Medium and Large Dogs

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