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Left Profile - A longhaired tan and white Lhasa apso/Maltese/Labrador Retriever mix is standing outside on a dirt path with tall grass in front of it.

Marmot the Varmint, the Lhasa apso / Maltese / Lab mix at 2 years old—"She's a strange mix, but it works. She runs, jumps, swims, fetches, guards and sits in your lap!"

Side view - a wide, thick, short-legged, black with brown and white Rottweiler/Basset Hound mix is standing in grass that has a dusting of snow and it is looking to the right. The dog has drop ears and its tail is up in the air.

Stubby the Rottie / Basset Hound hybrid—"Stubby belongs to our neighbors and is a wonderful friendly dog. He is an interesting mix with an interesting story. His mother is a Basset Hound, a fine purebred show dog that had breeding potential. She came in to heat in her second year, but was not ready to be bred. Her owners left for work on a warm spring day and left the windows open and the screens down. When they got home from work that evening, one of the screens had been pushed out and when they open the door a large male Rottweiler was in the house with the Basset. He had broken in and had his way with her and Stubby was the result of this breeding! He was not planned, but is well loved! He is strong and athletic and very friendly. He is curious and loves to fetch and play with the neighborhood children."

A fuzzy looking, medium haired, tricolored, black with white and tan Corgi/Border Collie mix puppy is standing on a wooden porch and it is looking forward.

"I got my sister a Corgi x Border Collie cross for Christmas. These pictures were taken at 2 ½ months. She was about 15" and weighed about 25 lbs. She is extremely friendly with almost everyone (tends to be a little snappy around children) and constantly requires attention, even as a 9-week-old pup, when we got her. She has lots of energy and seems to sulk when not given her own way. I think she may have inherited more of her mother’s (Corgi) characteristics."

A black with white and tan Corgi/Border Collie mix puppy is laying on a red oriental rug in front of it is a newspaper and a Santa hat. There is a 7up bottle and Vodka bottle behind it.

Corgi x Border Collie hybrid puppy at 2 ½ months old

A black with tan mixed breed puppy is laying on a tan carpet and it is tearing apart a bag of corn chips.

"This is . He is a really good dog, protects my kids and the house from anybody who gets close. He is lovely and loves to play with the kids and my other 2 Chihuahuas. We found him in a Winn Dixie store's parking lot inside a little box in a shopping cart. According to the vet he was barely 2 months old. He looked so much like a baby Rott that we decided to keep him. He had some bad hookworms and so many fleas when we found him.... OMG now he is the baby of the Napoleon."

Close up head shot - a black brindle mastiff mix wearing a black leather collar looking straight ahead

"Here is my dog Roxy at 4 years old. We rescued her from the local shelter when she was about 4 months old. We were told she was abandoned. She appears to be Mastiff mix. She is great with kids, was easy to train and loves to chase the cat all around the house! But you can catch the two lying down next to each other taking a nap! She is a wonderful dog and I wish we could always have her around!"

Front side view - A little fuzzy, white with a tan and black mask Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise/Pomeranian mix breed puppy is laying on a human's bed

"Igor is a spunky, happy little Shih Tzu / Bichon / Pom fellow. At four months he is only 4lbs, but seems to think he's much bigger. He has interesting colours, markings, and hair with a wirey mohawk, face mask colours, and even a black "moustache" on his tail/bum. He plays hard, but naps and relaxes often in between play sessions. He seems to like all toys, though he favours a stuffed/plush ball, and his "friend" stuffed dog toy. He is a strange little fellow who makes the oddest little noises almost all the time. When I leave the room he must follow right behind. He lives for attention and hates it when he doesn't get it, often making strange whimpering / whining / groaning noises. He was quite a yappy puppy but with time he is getting much better, mostly only barking when someone comes to the door, and occasionally when he plays. We call his other noises "chirps" as they often sound like some sort of strange, exotic bird. Igor currently does not like car rides, though he is slowly getting better with short rides. In the car he gets quite nervous, but is doing much better with time and treats. He does not shed much hair, and seems to be just fine with our allergies and asthma."

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