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Pictures of Mixed-Breed Dogs

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Side view - a muscular, shiny coated reddish-brown dog with a boxy looking black snout, black nose small ears that hang down to the sides and wrinkles on her forehead with a long tail that hangs down low standing on grass looking to the left.

Puppy Sasha the Boxer mix breed dog at 2 years old—"Female 80lb. 1/2 Boxer known, 1/2 mutt unknown. Favorite activities: Being a velcro dog, following scent trails, watching birds and airplanes, playing pass and fetch with balls, playing in running water, performing any of 30 tricks for treats (highly food motivated) Most helpful behavior: opening and closing doors Speciality: "find it" scents and/or sounds Unusual habit: snoring with eyes open wide while playing as though she's asleep but keeping an eye on goings on Hardest behavior to unlearn: jumping up when greeted Easiest behavior to learn: housetraining Favorite toys: regulation size football and stuffed talking teddy bear she sleeps with I knew pretty early on she was going to be bigger than expected, so her name is actually "Puppy Sasha" to remind the neighborhood kids as she was getting bigger that she is still the puppy inside. She lays down and rolls on to her back for them all to pet her, even now that she's full grown. She's that once-in-a-lifetime type dog we all get to share life with for a little while that reminds us cleaning up poop isn't so bad afterall."

Front view a large breed reddish-brown dog with a black snout, wide brown eyes, a black nose, very white teeth, ears that fold over and down to the sides wearing a black collar standing on a hardwood floor looking up smiling at the camera. The dog has wrinkles on her forehead.

Puppy Sasha the Boxer mix breed dog at at 11 months old

A reddish-brown smooth coated, large breed puppy with dark brown eyes, a black nose, black on its snout, white on the tips of his paws with a long tail laying down on a white tiled floor.

Puppy Sasha the Boxer mix breed puppy at 7 months old

Front view of a brown large breed puppy with black on its snout, dark brown eyes, white on the tips of her paws and a long tail laying down on a yellow floral print couch chewing on a purple rope toy laying on tip of a white blanket. The dog's ears hang down to the sides.

Puppy Sasha the Boxer mix breed puppy at 3 1/2 months old