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A tan with white Aussie/Golden Retriever puppy is laying down on top of rocks and looking to the left.A tan with black Labrador mix is sleeping behind a tan with white Aussie/Golden Retriever that is also sleeping. They are laying in the trunk of an SUV.

"Here’s Cooper the Aussie / Golden Retriever mix, (at about 5.5 months old) on his first big long hike, to Sykes Hot Springs in Big Sur. We split the 10 miles in half on the way in, but did all 10 in one day on the way out. Poor guy was pooped by the end, probably wishing he hadn’t been running back and forth so much in the beginning. He and his friend Bodie (possible Lab mix) were out the minute we got in the car and slept the whole ride home."

A tan with black Labrador mix is standing in front of a body of water that a tan with white Aussie/Golden Retriever is standing in. The dogs are nose to nose. There is a dead fallen tree on the bank extending into the water behind them.

"Cooper the Aussie / Golden Retriever mix absolutely adores Bodie, and they play practically non-stop when they’re together, which is pretty often. Bodie is an unknown mix, and although he looks to be part Lab, he does not like water. Cooper likes to go swimming, and then get out and shake on Bodie. I like to think Cooper is trying to cool him off."

Two panting dogs walking side by side down a dirt wooded path of evergreen trees - A tan with black Labrador mix and a tan with white Aussie/Golden Retriever.

"I think Cooper the Aussie / Golden Retriever mix lives a very happy life and he seems to agree. We go camping all year round, and he loves getting to run around free out in the wild, but he’ll always come back when I give a whistle and a ’Coooopeeer!!’ He has his doggy buddies that he plays with, especially his best bud Bodie the Lab mix, whom he has known since he was 10 weeks old."

A brown with white Aussie/Golden Retriever and a brown with white wolf/Husky/Malamute mix are shaking dry next to a body of water. One dog looks like it is about to bite the other in play.

"Cooper the Aussie / Golden Retriever mix and my grandparents’ dog Ginger (8–year-old wolf / Husky / Malamute mix). They like to wrestle and play a lot!"

Close up head shot - A tan with black Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix is wearing a choke chain collar laying on a bed and looking at the camera. There is a red, white and black wall behind it.

"This is Cleo (Cleopatra…notice the black around her eyes!). She is 4 years old. Our best guess is Golden Retriever / Australian Shepherd mix. We adopted a shy, terrified dog and a year later we have a vivacious, loving, gentle dog who loves tug-of-war and football!!! We can't imagine life without her!!!! She is also in training to be my service dog...what a special gal!"

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