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Pictures of Mixed-Breed Dogs

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View from the front - A white with tan Pit Bull/Dogo Argentino mix is wearing a chain collar sitting on a rug and looking forward. Its mouth is open and tongue is out.

"This is Layla at almost 2 years old. She is a Pit Bull / Dogo Argentino mix. She's about 66-70 lbs., very hyper, loves to run, go for walks, chase everything (squirrels, rabbits, leaves, sticks, turtles, frogs, bugs, shadows/reflections!!!). You name it or see it and she's chasing it. Loves to play with every one and everything, even our cats!!! She definitely does not know her own size. She thinks SHE'S a cat!!! Or a lap dog!!! She loves to lick and to give you her paw. She is very good with other dogs and is a neighborhood favorite who visits the nearby neighbors and their pets and children, and is very loved by everyone. Very sociable and loves to be outdoors. She is rambunctious though, and definitely does not care what is in her way when she is on the move. Very good dog, housetrained and crate-trained, very good with children, adults and other dogs and makes me happy every day to see her puppy face and her sweet personality."

Right Profile - A large breed, tricolor white and black ticked with tan mix breed dog is standing on a black top.

Clyde, a mottled tri-color Border Collie mix—"Clyde is a rescue from an irresponsible family. After the death of our St. Bernard to cancer, I felt the time was right to get a new companion. Being addicted to Cesar Millan's show, I started using his methods. With practice and patience, it works. Clyde is very balanced...very good with cats, dogs, chickens, and sometimes horses. He loves all people and is very affectionate. He loves Frisbee and playing fetch with tennis balls. We also rescued his sister, Bonnie 2 days after getting Clyde. She is all black with ticking on the toes, tail, neck and chest. Clyde is lean, fast, agile, strong, and smart. I love my dogs, very proud of them, and thankful to Cesar for showing me how to raise two balanced dogs."

A large breed, tricolor white and black ticked with tan mix breed dog is standing on a black top and it is looking back behind itself.

Clyde, a mottled tri-color Border Collie mix

Close up view from the top looking down - A perk-eared, white with tan Corgi mix is sitting on a tan carpet next to a green couch. It is looking up.

Brodie the 2-year-old Corgi mix

Close up front view - A wide-chested, black with white Staffordshire/Pit-Bull Terrier is sitting on a carpet next a cardboard box looking forward.

Casey is a 15-month-old Staffordshire / Pit-Bull Terriercross. She is very active and strong, enjoys meeting new people and loves a good old rough and tumble with other dogs and family members. She adores her cuddles and is very much loved and spoilt on a daily basis. She is very loyal towards her family and guarded towards strangers near the house.
—Sammy-Jo 16 UK

A perk-eared, American White Shepherd/Husky/Malamute mix is laying against the side of the circle area of a white sectional couch.

Snowball, an American White Shepherd / Husky / Malamute mix—the shelter did not know much about his history but he is a perfect dog. He is kind to everyone and he is just full of energy and loves agility.

Side view - A tan with black German Shepherd/Labrador/Golden Retriever mix breed dog is laying in front of a white couch and looking to the right.

"Red is a German Shepherd / Lab / possibly a little Golden Retriever. One day when he was a puppy he was left tied to a telephone pole out in the middle of the country. A shelter worker was driving by and saw him there, so she took him back to the shelter. After being at the shelter for a while he was adopted out to a family. The family moved away to a different state, taking Red with them. The family ended up taking Red to the pound to be put to sleep. Well, the pound took a microchip test and found that Red was actually from Illinois. So they called the shelter in Illinois and told them. One of the people from the shelter drove all the way across 3 states just to get him back. After that, we adopted him and we love him. He is such a protective dog and would do anything for his family.”

View from the front - A medium coated, black with tan Husky/German Shepherd Dog mix is laying on a carpet and there is a dresser to the right of it. It is looking to the left.

Shanook, a Husky / German Shepherd Dog mix at one year old

Close up - A Golden Retriever/Akita mix is laying on a tan carpet and it is looking up.

Riley, a 4-year-old Golden Retriever / Akita mix

Close up upper body shot - A wiry, scruffy-looking, black with tan Greyhound/Deerhound/Saluki mix breed dog is laying outside in front of yellow flowers.

Alfie, the Greyhound / Deerhound / Saluki mix

Front view - A happy looking, tan with black Pit Bull/Labrador mix is sitting on a tan carpet and it is looking up. Its mouth is open and its tongue is out.

Shasta, a Pit Bull / Lab mix at 10 months old

Front view - A tri-colored Blue Lacy puppy is laying down on a carpet in front of a coffee table.

Ollie the tricolored Blue Lacy mix puppy at 5 weeks

Front view looking down at the dog - A tri-colored Blue Lacy mix breed dog is laying on a tan carpet with its head tilted to the right and it is looking up.

Ollie the tri-colored Blue Lacy mix puppy at 4 months old

View from the front - A tri-colored Blue Lacy is standing in grass in front of a wooden privacy fence looking forward. Its mouth is open and tongue is out and its tail is up.

Ollie the tri-colored Blue Lacy mix at 2 years old

A panting, perk-eared, black with tan Kelpie/German Shepherd mix is laying in sand at the beach with the ocean waves behind it.

Sami is a Kelpie / Shepherd mix. She was named after her owner's favorite villainess, Sami Brady from the Days of Our Lives. Her owner states, "We rescued her from the shelter when she was about a year old (2002) and was a gift for my daughter's first birthday. They are inseparable. She is the most loving dog I've ever known, and loves to run and swim at dog beach (San Diego, where this picture was taken). We are lucky to have found her."

Other Names
  • All American
  • Cross Breed
  • Heinz 57
  • Mix
  • Mixed Breed
  • Mutt
  • Mix Breed
  • Pariah dog
  • Rez dog
  • Tyke