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Pictures of Mixed-Breed Dogs

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Upper body shot of a Golden Labrador mix laying behind a small, sleeping, Golden Labrador/German Shepherd mix puppy. The larger dog is looking up with its mouth open looking like it is smiling.

"This is Padme (pronounced Pad-may) our Golden Lab mix breed dog. She found me in a parking lot when she was only about 6-8 weeks old. She is now 6 years old. What makes her amazing is that she is a very loving, calm, easy-going dog whose whole goal in life is for you to pet her. She ended up pregnant (oops!) at 5 years old and had 8 beautiful and healthy girls who all have had about the same temperament as her. They are Golden Lab / German Shepherd mixes. We kept one and named her Sock Monkey."

"We do apply Cesar Millan’s techniques to all 3 of our dogs. Not only are my husband and I pack leaders, but our children as well. Our 9-year-old daughter has no problems walking Padme because of the techniques we have all learned. All of our dogs now know what is expected and are well behaved."

A smiling, tan with black and white Golden Labrador/German Shepherd mix puppy is laying in grass next to a black pole with a dirt path behind it.

Sock Monkey the Golden Lab / German Shepherd mix puppy

A brown Nova Scotia Duck Toller/Pit Bull mix is laying against the arm of a couch and next to it is a tricolor black with brown and white Beagle/Black Labrador mix that is sitting with its head tilted to the right.

On the left is 3-year-old Baby Girl (Nova Scotia Duck Toller / Pit Bull mix) and on the right is 2-year-old Porthos Buddy Boy (Beagle / Black Lab mix): They are both rescue puppies, and love each other very much.

The backside of a fluffy, white Maltese/Toy poodle that is standing in dirt and it is looking to the right. It is wearing a red sweater.

Misha at four months old, a Chi-Maltipoo—a combination of a white, long-haired Chihuahua and a Maltese / Toy Poodle mix

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