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A small, black Labrador Retriever mix puppy is standing in dirt next to a plant. It is looking forward.

Otis the Labrador Retriever mix as a puppy the day he was adopted—"Otis is a Lab mix. When we got him we were informed he was about 7 weeks old, but we think he was much younger at about 5 weeks. Training so far has many ups but still working on some. After only 2 weeks with us he sits when told to and waits to start eating until invited or told to do so. If he has to go potty and happens to be inside he notifies us. He is also crate trained. We are working on trying to get him to stop eating things that are not food. He occasionally puppy bites, but that has improved."

Veiw from the front - A black Labrador Retriever mix puppy is standing on a concrete surface. It is looking up and it has a red with black scarf that looks like an octopus toy wrapped around its neck.

Otis the Labrador Retriever mix as a puppy

Front sidew view - A brown brindle Sha-Pei/Dalmatian/Labrador Retriever is standing in snow and it is looking to the right with its tail up high in the air. It has small ears.

"This is my dog, Splash. Her mom was a Shar-Pei and according to the DNA lab, Canine Heritage, her dad was a mix of Dalmatian and Lab. She was a rescue dog. We found her at a Colorado Rockies Baseball game when they had "Adopt-a-Pet Sundays," bringing in dogs from local shelters. She was 8 months old and had been there for 4 months because her owner had to give her up to go to Iraq. I thought she was beautiful. They said that she was hard to adopt out because of the Shar-Pei. Apparently they can be feisty. She is almost 5 now. We had her DNA tested because she was so bizarre-looking and our vet was curious. She is a runner and often entices a pack of dogs to chase her at the dog park. It is quite a sight to see them running free in a pack like dogs should be able to. Shar-Peis hate water, but the Labs love it. She runs into the water and then stops when it gets up to her doggy armpits. She is not a swimmer! She also gets 4 walks a day and goes to the office with me where she has three cat companions. She also has two cats at home and is respectful with them so not to get swatted or hissed at. She may be bizarre, but we love her."

Front side view - A large-breed, tan with white Boxer mix dog is trotting across a black top surface. Its mouth is open and tongue is out and it looks happy.

Adult Boxer mix dog

View from the front - A small, long fluffy eared, black with white Cockapoo/Wire-haired Terrier mix breed dog is sitting in grass surrounded by fallen leaves. There is a painted red wooden fence behind it.

This is 7-month-old Ira. His owner managed to catch him in one of his rare moments of stillness. Ira's mommy was a Cockapoo and his daddy was a Wire-haired Terrier. As far as personality goes, he definitely takes after his daddy!

Side view - A medium-haired, black Great Pyrenees mix is laying in grass and it is looking behind itself.

Kai, a four-month-old Great Pyrenees mix

A medium-coated tan, cream and white dog with wide round brown eyes and a brown nose with black lips and an underbite with snowflakes on his head and snout

"Bugzy the Pomeranian / Chihuahua / Pekingese mix breed dog at 11 years old. A friend had her mother, who owned a un-spayed Pom-Chi dog, babysit her un-neutered Pekingese boy while she was on vacation. A couple of months later this little guy was born."

A tan and white dog with a brown nose, brown eyes and an underbite showing his bottom teeth sticking up out of his lower lip laying down

Bugzy the Pomeranian/Chihuahua/Pekingese mix breed dog at 11 years old.

A little tan dog with an udnerbite poking out from behind a white curtain in front of a sliding glass door

Bugzy the Pomeranian/Chihuahua/Pekingese mix breed dog at 11 years old.

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