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Close up head shot view from the top looking down at the dog - A black and white photo of a Japanese Chin/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Pekingese is sitting on a blanket looking up.

Stella Bella, a Chin / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Pekingese cross. Her owner states, "Stella is a funny little dog. She loves her tennis ball. She is older, about 9 or 10. I recently found out she has a bad back (like Zipper, my other dog). I would like to raise awareness about little dogs and bad backs. If I would have known these things I would have been more careful about letting them jump down from things. Zipper and Stella are the first dogs I have had so I have learned a lot from them."

A wide, short legged brown with white and black Saint Bernard/Sussex Spaniel mix breed dog is standing on a tan carpet and it is trying to get an treat from a smiling man's hand who is kneeling down behind it. The man is holding a yardstick next to the dog.

"We adopted this dog from our local shelter. He is 7 years old. Not sure what mix he is other than St. Bernard." (Possibly crossed with the Sussex Spaniel)

A wiry looking, black Miniature Schnauzer mix is wearing a red collar and leash sitting on a chair looking forward. There are cardboard boxes with things in them behind the dog.

Nole is believed to be a Mini Schnauzer mix, possibly a Mini Schnaupin. He is a 2½-month-old puppy in this picture. "I rescued Nole from the La Plata County Humane Center. Nole is black with some reddish spots and a white stripe down his chest. He's very stubborn, and knows when he's in trouble, loves to be around other animals, always wants to play, he's very affectionate and loves to be loved on."

Side view upper body shot - A tan with black German Shepherd/American Bulldog mix breed dog is laying on a bed and it is looking up and back. There is a dog boen next to the dog's shoulder.

Indy, a 10-week-old German Shepherd / American Bulldog hybrid weighing 25 pounds—"He has the loyalty of a shepherd, the strength of a Bulldog, and the smarts mixed."

A tan Lakeland Terrier/Irish Terrier mix is laying in a plastic white laundry basket and behind it is a white washing machine.

"We think Dudley is a Lakeland Terrier crossed possibly with an Irish Terrier. He has the character of an Irish, but is smaller, and seems to have the head of a Lakeland, as well as the curly coat. He was rescued from Watford Dogs Centre. We got him two years ago. The Centre seemed to think he was between 18 months and two years then, but we thought he was younger, going by his puppy style ways. We have just celebrated his fourth birthday on Valentine’s Day. He gets so much attention at our local park. Someone even asked if they could get a dog like him!!"

Two bulldogs in front of a wooden privacy fence - A white with tan English Bulldogge/Olde English Bulldogge mix is standing in grass and in front of it is a brindle English Bulldogge/Olde English Bulldogge mix breed dog. They both are panting.

Haynes Big Money at 2 years old (white dog) with Haynes Hot Pepper at one year and four months old (brindle dog)—both are 50% AKC English Bulldog and 50% Old English Bulldogge.

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