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Close up head shot - A black with brown and white Chocolate Lab/Queensland Heeler/Australian Shepherd is laying on its side on a human's bed that has a floral print sheet on it and looking forward.

"Hello, my name is Muttlee Bear and I am a 1-year-old Chocolate Queensland Shepherd mix (Chocolate Lab / Queensland Heeler / Australian Shepherd). You may be wondering why my parents only took pictures of my right side. That is because it is my good side. You see, I lost my left eye to a mean old Husky my Daddy used to have when I was very young, but don't feel bad for me because I am a very happy and healthy boy-pup. I love to play—all day long if Mom and Dad can keep up. Then at night I cuddle up in bed with my humans ‘til I'm ready to move to the foot of the bed—or sometimes the floor—and let them sleep.


Muttlee Bear Milhouse

(Typed by Muttlee's Mom, Ashley because M.B. isn't very good with the keyboard)"

A small, black with white Border Collie/Rottweiler mix puppy is laying on its left side with its head up in front of a pink food/water bowl.

Buddy, a Border Collie / Rottweiler mix puppy

View from the top looking down - A perk-eared, grey and tan Chihuahua mix is sitting on a brown carpet and there is a couch behind it. It has very large ears.

Mitzy, a Chihuahua mix

A brown brindle and white Pit Bull/Boxer/English Bulldog is laying stretched out on a brown couch looking to the right of its body.

Petey doing what he does best, being a couch potato! He is a Bulldog mix—maybe Pit Bull / English Bulldog or Boxer / English Bulldog. Whatever kind of Bull that is in him, he sure is COOL!

Two black mixed breeds are sitting on a wet, red brick colored tiled floor and they are looking forward. There is a person standing in between them and holding on to there collars.

Lori and Lucy—Lori on the left is 6 months old and Lucy on the right is 10 months old. “I have had Lucy since she was 6 weeks old and got Lori when she was 8 weeks old. They were dropped by someone at the golf course I belong to. I am not completely sure of their breed, but my vet thinks they are predominantly Labs.”

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