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View from the front - A longhaired, scruffy looking, white Jack Russell mix is laying on a tan, blue and white striped couch looking up.

Abbie, Jack Russell mix

A Terrier mix is sitting in the back seat of a bright yellow with black motorcycle. It is wearing glasses and a red harness. There is a person standing next to it wearing a matching yellow and lack outfit and he has another small chihuahua dog in his jacket.

Teddy, a terrier mix on the seat of the bike and Buddy, who is a new addition to the family, inside her owner’s coat—Buddy is a Chihuahua / Jack Russell cross seen here at 4 months old and this was her first trip on the bike. Both love the bike and Teddy has no problem with the doggles and scarf as she knows they are associated with the bike only. When Teddy gets off the bike she paws her doggles off and they slip down around her neck and she carries them there.

Close up - A wiry-looking Terrier mix is in the backseat of a motorcycle. It has on a colorful bandana on its head and bright yellow goggles.

Teddy with a scarf on her head—this is to stop her ears from flapping, as they get sore.

Close up head shot - A longhaired, scruffy looking, tan with white Terrier mix is sitting in the back of a motorcycle and it is looking to the left. It is wearing bright yellow sunglasses.

Teddy (terrier mix) riding on motorbike

Two dog in a boat out on the water - A Golden Retriever/Black Labrador mix is standing in a boat next to a black dog that is laying in the boat.

Sandy (top) a Golden Retriever / Black Lab mix and Kita, a good old-fashioned mutt

View from the front looking down at the dog - A shiny-coated, short-legged, black Patterdale Terrier/Dachshund mix is on a tan carpet looking forward. It has a large red heart tag hanging from its pink collar.

Flipper the Patterdale Terrier / Dachshund mix

A tan Labrador/Shar-Pei mix is laying next to a sitting black with brown Beagle/Blue Heeler mix. They have a line of flowers in front of them and are in front of a sky background.

Ming (left), Lab / Shar-pei mix and Iris (right), Beagle / Blue Heeler mix live on the Connecticut shore, where they love to swim and chase seagulls.

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