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Close up upper body shot - A perk-wolf-eared, medium coated, tan with black and white mixed breed dog is wearing a black collar with dog tags hanging from it laying on a sidewalk and it is looking forward.

Mojo the DNA tested Husky, German Shepherd, Samoyed and unknown breeds mix at 3 years old—"We got Mojo as a 14 week old stray from our local humane society. We were told he was probably Husky/Collie mix. We did a DNA test and the results were Husky, German Shepherd, Samoyed and a lot of "mixed Breed". A normal DNA test will not test for wolf. We constantly get "he looks like" coyote, fox, wolf. Several people who claim to have worked with wolves are positive he is part wolf, who knows. Any description I read about hybrids, fits his personality and physical appearance perfectly. He has a calm/laid back demeanor and talking quietly to him works best when he is agitated. He has never bitten anyone, and my son has pushed all of his buttons to the limit. He will unobtrusively put himself between us and anything he views as a threat. He howls at all emergency vehicles. He has a sing song whine, and communicates very well, but rarely barks, which our neighbors love. He is wary of people he doesn't know, but LOVES to give kisses to children. Mojo is treat driven and has about 12 tricks. He eats to live not lives to eat."

A large, short-haired, white with black mixed breed dog is laying in the lap of a smiling man in a recliner chair.

"We have a dog that look so much like Oakley! Patch was rescued by my sister-in-law from the side of the road when he was 4 weeks old. He looks like a giant Jack Russell even though he was only 2.5 pounds when we found him, he now weighs 80+ pounds! Because we thought he was going to be small I was inviting him to sit in my lap each evening for what I called lap time. He still thinks he is a lap dog even though he doesn't fit anymore. lol We know he has Jack Russell but we have been guessing maybe Bluetick Coonhound. His bark sometimes ends with a howl. But also he has some kind of water dog. His coat resist water, his toes are webbed and his tail is definitely made to be used as a rudder! lol I would like to really watch Oakley as he changes."

A small, large-breed, shorthaired, white with black mixed breed puppy is laying on a blanket and there is a toy over its paws

Patch as a puppy

A small, curly-coated, white mixed breed dog is sitting in grass and looking up.

Charlie the Poodle mix at 4 years old—"I just got the DNA breed results for Charlie. He is mostly a Miniature Poodle The other breeds are: Lhasa Apso 6.25%, Manchester Terrier 3.50%, Border Terrier 2.72%, Akita (imagine that, LOL) 2.54%, and Curly-coated Retriever 1.64%. He must get his bark from the Akita because for a small dog he has a loud bark, LOL. I adopted him from the local shelter when he was 10 months old. He lives with a Silky Terrier and a Maine Coon cat. I watch Ceasar Millan and it has helped me in training my dogs. I take them on daily walks with them walking by my side."

Close up upper body shot - A short-haired, rose-eared  black and tan mixed breed dog is sitting on a tiled floor and next to it is a table.

"Here are pictures of what I call a Mini Pinschabull. Well, I guess its self-explanatory. He's a Mini Pinscher and a Pit bull mix and his name is Gaius Julius Baltar. In these pictures he's only 18 pounds and almost 7 months old! I have used quite a few of Cesar Millan’s methods to train him and I think they work wonderfully. Once you set your mind and body to demonstrate the correct attitude the dog just follows suit. This mix of breeds seems to get along great with the purebreds of his making. At the  dog park, the Mini Pinschers love to run with him and the Pit Bulls lick and tussle with him like a puppy. I taught him how to sit, stay, come, wait, no and off when I got him at 2 months old. He loves licking children, play-bowing to the cat and chasing butterflies. He is Gaius Julius Baltar and he is a great dog!"

A black with tan and white mixed breed dog is sitting on a tiled floor and it is looking forward.

Gaius Julius Baltar the Min Pin / Pit Bull mix

A small, short-coated, rose eared, black and tan mixed breed dog is standing on newspapers next to a radiator.

Gaius Julius Baltar the Min Pin / Pitbull mix as a young puppy.

A large, short-coated tan with black mixed breed dog is wearing a red collar with white bones on it standing on a sidewalk in front of a door at night.

Maggie Moo the Carolina Dog / Basenji mix. She was rescued from a shelter  in West Virginia, making her way to Delaware and then on to Pennsylvania, where she now has a permanent, loving home. Maggie's coat has longer guard hairs on her neck, withers and down her back, and VERY mobile ears, which are all Carolina Dog traits. Her singing voice and curly tail come from the Basenji in her. Her owners say she loves kids and describe her as sweet, interesting and loving.

View from the top looking down - A large, medium-haired, white with tan and black mixed breed dog is standing on a hardwood floor in front of a wooden kitchen table looking to the left. Its mouth is open and its tongue is out.

"This is our Australian Shepherd / Collie mix (I call him an Australian Collie). His name's Max (full name, Maximus). We adopted Max when he was 5 years old. His birthday's February 22nd. He's a great dog and loves little kids, any person who'll pet him, and he loves Blizzard (our Bichomo who's on your site) and herds her in the backyard like she's a sheep. He has a great personality, too! He's laid back and will sleep all day if you do. He is such a sweetheart and talks a lot like a Collie does! He has a docked tail like an Aussie and has the voice of a Collie. He's protective and will bare his teeth and growl if you do it to him. He's a trash-picker but that's really his only bad behavior. He hates bikes for some reason and we think he had been in an abusive home ‘cause he hates the words ow, ouch, help, stop it, etc. He also hates the smoke detector going off and he goes into a submissive posture and waits to be hit if he's yelled at for getting in trouble. We all love him so much and would never think of getting rid of him. He's such a good boy. He loves walks, won't run away when out in the yard (unlike Blizzard), and when we got him he could already sit, lie down, paw, other paw, and he can say 'I love you'! That's what won us over. He had been sitting quietly in his kennel at the animal shelter. I had read he could say ’I love you’ so I asked him to say it and he did, which drove him into a barking frenzy so we had to take him. Go figure, we wanted a small dog for Blizzard and we got 65 lbs. of fluff. But I'm glad we got him, even if he does think he's a lap dog and he takes up the whole bed if you want to sleep. He's a great dog and proves that even a sad-looking shelter dog only wants to get out and get a home and can be the best pet ever."

Two large, short-haired, black with tan and white mixed breed dogs are sitting on a rug next to a tan leather couch. There is a third large white with black ticked dog behind them.

Diamond and Shirley, adult Rottweiler / Australian Cattle Dog hybrids—"We have a male Australian cattle dog and a female Rottweiler. We had successfully, for a few years, managed to keep them apart to avoid mating, but nature found a way."

A large breed, drop eared, black and tan with white Doberman/Boxer mix is standing on a brown and tan linoleum floor in front of a doorway and looking up.

Butch, a Doberman / Boxer mix

A long-haired, wiry-looking, shaggy, tan mixed breed dog is standing on a hardwood floor and its mouth is open and tongue is out looking up.

Daisy, a terrier mix

A large breed, medium-haired white mixed breed dog is sitting on a rug against a door.

Jack, a German Shepherd / Great Pyrenees mix

A large breed, medium-haired, black with white mixed breed dog is standing on the side of a hill and looking up. Its mouth is open and its tail is up curled over its back.

Shadow, a Belgium Groenendael / Chow mix

Close up head shot - A black with white mixed breed dog is sitting in front of a backdrop. Its mouth is open and it has one blue eye and one brown eye.

Manson, a Siberian Husky / Malamute mix

A large medium-coated, tan with white mixed breed dog is sitting in grass. Its mouth is open and its tongue is out.

Quincy, a Collie / Samoyed mix

A tricolor, tan, black and white hound looking mixed breed dog is sitting on a boat and it is wearing a life jacket. Its mouth is open and its tongue is out.

Daiquiri, a Beagle / Walker mix

A large breed short haired, perk eared, tan with white mixed breed dog is sitting on a porch that is overlooking a body of water. Its mouth is open and its tongue is out.

Slasher, a Bull Terrier / Australian Red Cattle Dog mix

A standing and a laying tan with white mixed breed dog. The front most dog is wearing a santas jacket and a Santa hat. There is another dog behind wearing reindeer horns.

Magic is a Shepherd / Husky / Chow mix and Charlie is a Shepherd / Reindeer mix, but only once a year.

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