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Love Those Mutts

Pictures of Mixed-Breed Dogs

Page 37

Jane Doe - Queensland Heeler/something else mix (Shepherd perhaps?)

"Here's Jane Doe. I've had her a little over a month now, and after not being around dogs for a few years, I was blessed with a well behaved, mostly balanced and stable low/medium energy level dog. I think she's Queensland Heeler/ something else mix (shepherd perhaps?). Approximately 3-4 years old. I came across Jane Doe when my friend, Jo Ann found her one day while walking her 3 dogs at a nearby park. Jane Doe's front legs were injured and she couldn't stand up on them. Jo Ann was able to get her into the vehicle and took Jane Doe to the vet. When the receptionist asked Jo Ann the name of the dog, she replied 'Well, I just found her at the park...I don't know...Jane Doe?' I laughed when I heard her temporary name and decided not to change it. When I arrived at the vet and took a look at this disabled dog, I decided to take responsibility for her, but on the condition her legs would heal. I was quite prepared to take Jane Doe to the SPCA if she couldn't walk. The vet said she had no breaks or fractures, and that she may have fell out of a vehicle. I knew I would not be capable to keep a dog that is permanently incapacitated or disabled, so I hoped and prayed she'd get better. After I spent a week and a half carrying Jane Doe around the house, in and out of the car, to the vet's office, outside to relieve herself, etc...her front legs began to get stronger and she was slowly hobbling to wherever she needed to go. It's been over a month now and there's no stopping her! She's beginning to chase squirrels at the same park where she was found by Jo Ann. I started watching 'The Dog Whisperer' series, have read Cesar Millan's 'Cesar's Way', and I am halfway through his 2nd book. Cesar has become my hero! After several years of being dog-less, I'm grateful Jane Doe has come into my life. She definitely keeps me home on the weekends now!"

Jane Doe - Queensland Heeler/something else mix (Shepherd perhaps?)

Jane Doe, Queensland Heeler / something else mix (Shepherd perhaps?)

"Ru off! I mean Hi! My name is Buck. I am a Walking Coonhound / Plott Hound mix! I was born in southern Oregon, but my ancestors came from the Deep South. I was bred for scent tracking and hunting big game, but I am being trained to find missing people! I love to howl at the deer as they run by our house and I love to play hide-and-go-seek with my master who is my best buddy! My master also has two cats, who I like to chase but my master doesn't like that. I love the snow and the mud!........... I hate to take baths afterwards, though! Did I mention i have a girlfriend? Her name is Ruby. She is a red tricolored Australian Shepherd. Our masters are friends so I can see her a lot. Every time I touch her she growls! That’s just her way of telling me she loves me!"

Jake the rather large mixed breed, possibly a Rottie mix

Jake the rather large mixed breed, possibly a Rottie mix

Millie is a mix of a Frenchie / Boston Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier. One of her parents was 1/4 French Bulldog and ¾ Boston Terrier and the other parent was a 100% Jack Russell. She is a 10-week-old puppy in this picture.

"This is my adopted dog Sam. He is a German Shepherd / Black Lab mix. He is missing his left front leg. I found Sam at a rescue when he was ten months old and it was love at first lick! He has been with us for two and a half years now and sleeps in my bed every night—he's definitely a mamma's boy. Sam loves swimming, playing tennis, basketball and soccer. He runs like the wind! Sam is spoiled rotten and since I am a massage therapist, he gets a bedtime massage every evening. Very smart, protective, loving, devoted, patient, obedient. He is the perfect dog and a blessing to have in my life. He is my canine soul mate."

Diego is a Doberman and Boxer mix

"Diego is a Doberman and Boxer mix. He is a really smart dog, and it didn't take me long to house train him, maybe a month to get him to always go outside. In this picture he is probably two and a half months old. He loves to play and he is great with little children. He was chasing my cousin who is three years old and to catch her he would put his mouth on her, not biting just putting his mouth up against her, like ha I caught you! His bad habits are he likes to get into everything. He chews on underwear and socks. He loves to eat rocks. He definitely loves to chase birds. He is a smart dog though, within a month of me having him, he knows how to roll over, give me a high five and he gives me kisses. But I'm like Diego give me a kiss and he puts his mouth up to mine, not licking me. He knows when I tell him to jump and he dances with me. I can take him outside and he doesn't run away. He listens pretty well for the most part. I tell him to get in the car and he gets in the car, I tell him to get in the back and he goes."

A dingo mixed with a dog sitting on a chair in the sand

Red the Dingo mix at 2 years old—"Red lives with me in the Arizona desert. He loves to run and is a great watch dog. He is a faithful companion. He doesn't do anything he doesn't want to."


Pidda, the Carolina Dog / Dingo mixed with a small breed dog puppy at 6 weeks old

"My dog Pidda is a Carolina Dog / Dingo mixed with a small-breed dog. When werescued him at the humane society he was 6 weeks old. He was with a brother and sister. He was the runt of a litter of 6 pups; 2 werewater pups and the two pups in the kennel with him sadly to report were euthanized at 12:00 p.m. sharp that afternoon. We are glad we got Pidda. He has a unique name to say the least. Pidda is short and sweet, just like him. He is really 'itiful', because when we rescued him he had a belly full of worms and his head was bigger than his whole body. He always looked sad and he had kennel cough which is kind of like strep to humans. It occurred after his surgery; he was neutered the week before we got him. He was really supposed to be my dog, but he warmed up to my mom way more than me. He loves playing around, but he sometimes gets rough and bites a little, but it doesn't hurt really and he claws and just has his fun. He never gives up when you pin him down it's so fun, but then just as he is rowdy he is also quiet and calm."

Pidda, the Carolina Dog / Dingo mixed with a small breed dog, puppy at to months old wants to be touching you

"He loves sleeping by someone's feet. He has a fetish where he has to be touching someone. I think it is because the first week we had him I held him in my arms because I was so afraid the dust on the floor would hurt him, since he was so weak and small. If you sit down or lie down he has to be up there and it's usually his butt that has to touch someone. He acts more like a human than a dog. He sits at the table with us if he's lucky."

Pidda, the Carolina Dog / Dingo mixed with a small breed dog full grown at one and a half years old

"Pidda, shown here full grown at a year and a half. He looks small but he really isn't. When he stands up he's about a foot and 4 inches tall from the front paw to his head and about 2½feet long from his head to the end of his tail. He weighs 35 pounds. One night he snuck up and sat there looking at my dad’s food on his plate and my dad yelled at him to get down. Well Pidda stood up and turned around in the chair with his butt to my dad as if to say, ’Kiss it’ and he looked back in those pitiful chocolate brown eyes and you could see the laughter in his eyes. He burps like a human and he sleeps like one sometimes. When me or my parents sit at the computer in the morning he comes up and steps from the arm of the futon to the arm of the chair to sit behind us and lie there against our backs. Sometimes it's like he can tell us stuff by showing us. Sometimes we'll say ’gotta go outside’ or ’who is it?’ (when someone's home) and he jumps up and runs to the door. He is a weird dog but I will always love his soft fur early in the morning. He also loves morning breath for some odd reason?"

"Maddox was found on the side of the road. While she looks like a full Labrador, she is very small (only 40 pounds!). Some people call her an English Lab; some people call her a mix. I call her my Teacup Lab. Maddox is about 2.5 years old. She's extremely loyal, intelligent and well-behaved. She does great off leash, and Maddox is fabulous with children. She hardly ever barks, but does this excited whine and if you stop petting her too soon she'll push her nose under your hand! She is great around other animals, including cats and horses. Basically she's everything you could ever ask for in a dog...well, unless you're looking for a guard dog."

"Kiah was adopted from a shelter. They said she is a Catahoula Leopard / Australian Shepherd mix. I've shortened it to Ausahoula. People that have seen her will swear up and down that she's got some Greyhound in her, too. She's only about 7 months old and very playful. She already stands as tall as her sister (Maddox), but she hasn't filled out yet, and she has massive paws! Personality-wise, we're still getting to know each other, but she is as goofy as they come. Kiah is very intelligent! She learned her new name in only a day, and she learned to sit quickly, too. Her attention span is short though, and before you know it she's off to find something to chew on."


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