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Pumpkin Steuermann a rescue hybrid Shar Pei + German Shepherd

"Pumpkin Steuermann, a rescue hybrid Shar Pei / German Shepherd, which I call a ’Shepei.’"


"My family has had 3 Shar Pei mixes thus far—in terms of physical appearance, all of them appear like a mid-sized (Shar Pei-sized) version of the other breed (two were Shepherds, one a Lab). However, they do retain the Shar Pei characteristics of broad shoulders that give them a somewhat bulldoggish stance, and slight wrinkles on the forehead and rear haunches. These were all rescue dogs, and we did not see the Shar Pei parent, but none of our hybrids has the classic Shar Pei ’meat mouth’—they typically have a more Shepherd-like nose and face. Also, our hybrids are all super-shorthairs (a bit shorter than typical shorthaired dogs), and the Shepherd hybrids both retained the classic double-coat of fur (undercoat and overcoat). They appear to shed at irregular intervals, although all shed in the spring, and the undercoat comes out in big clumps over a period of about 2 weeks."

"I really like this hybrid breed, as I am not a personal fan of the Shar Pei ’meat mouth’ appearance, but I LOVE the Shar Pei disposition, which all three of our hybrids share. This includes some unwanted territorial aggressiveness, a hatred of cats, and for our Shepherd hybrids it unfortunately also led to a long-term vendetta with the mailman."

"However, all of these animals were comfortable playing outdoors but equally comfortable indoors during the work-day. Like Shar Pei's, they typically sleep when the family is out of the house, and while all of them received regular daily walks exceeding 1 mile, none of them pressed to go outdoors other than for potty breaks."

"All three of these dogs are very family oriented, and spend their time with family members when we're home. They're also all distinguished by being very intuitive, and very responsive to intuitive gestures and emotive responses—far more so than typical purebred Shepherds or Labs. One of our hybrids growls if disturbed while sleeping at night, but the other two simply groan and go back to sleep."

"We owned these dogs over a 14-year period of time—two have passed on from lymphatic cancer, and the third is now 8 years old but still very enthusiastic, attentive and full of vigor."

"A childhood friend of mine also had two Shar Pei/hound hybrids, and out of these five dogs I would say that as a general rule, if you cross a Shar Pei with another breed, you will end up with a hybrid that retains the Shar Pei's personality but appears like the other breed."

Portrait of Baby Steuermann a rescue German Shepherd Shar-Pei mix (died 2004)

Portrait of Baby Steuermann, a rescue Shar Pei / German Shepherd (died 2004)


"This is Peppy. His mother was a Jack Russell and I am about 90% certain that he was sired by a Mountain Cur. He has medium ears that fold with full control. A medium snout that is larger in diameter and shorter than a Cur. Powerful jaws with crosscut teeth. Stocky, powerful neck with thick muscles. His chest is barreled and larger than his abdomen, with powerful legs built for speed and agility. A white patch on his breast and white subdued markings on all four feet at the toes. His general color is pretty true to the picture with a yellow red-brown color smooth coat. Fine hair that feels almost like coarse fir. He can do about 40 mph in the chase of prey. Any rodent and birds are his interest although he did tackle a deer once; it got away. He wants a ’coon’ but I have been reluctant to let him try that."

"In this picture he is in the process of killing a groundhog. He has killed four this season, an adult and three small ones, like this one. In true terrier fashion he goes after the backbone and neck, shaking until he breaks it. He has a good tracking nose and has tracked people a couple of miles, going straight to them. He also tracks squirrel, coons, groundhogs, rats and will point birds and give chase. He has never had any hunt training because I don't really care for him as a hunting dog. He is a pet and knows it."

"I have given him general training. He obeys a number of commands: Come in (house), sit, lay, stay, heel, wait, leave it, cross (the street), get in the car, go to your bed, get out of my bed."

"Temperament wise he is very gentle with people he knows, puts on a good show for those on his territory until I tell him they are friends then he will sniff a hand and get rubbed and then stands patiently until they leave. He is a good watchdog, rarely barks unless something is amiss. Good with children, even toddlers. Tolerant of other animals he knows, loves his cat unless she is getting attention, has a jealous nature. Loyal, loving, gentle. I have never hit this dog; he seems unafraid of anything. He once fought off a Pit Bull that was trying to attack me. I would not let that come to its conclusion but the Pit Bull ran. He has high exercise requirements and gets them playing with a Beagle a little larger than himself and comes home ready for bed."

"I never was a dog person until I met Peppy. He came to us as a puppy two and half years ago and hasn't left our hearts."



Ollie as a 9 week old puppyOllie as an 11 month old dog

"Ollie as a 9-week-old puppy (left) and Ollie as an 11-month-old dog (right)—here is a picture of my dog Ollie. He is a Basset Hound / Labrador Retriever mix. My fiancé and I came across Ollie one day at a small animal pet store. Someone had dropped him and his brother off that morning because they didn't want mixed-breed dogs. Well, we couldn't resist him. Ollie was the bigger of the two; he was very alert and so calm. When I picked him up he sighed in my arms. We went home to think about it and the following day we picked him up. His brother was adopted the next day. Ollie was 2 months when we found him and now he is almost 11 months old. He is the best combination of a Basset Hound and a Lab I've ever seen. He is so good with children and other animals; I have a few nieces and nephews varying in age from 5 to 11 and he's their best friend when we take him back home (PA). He gets along well with my two cats, although he does chase and hunt them through the house but would never harm them. He's got a nose on him that can smell absolutely everything. He weighs about 47 pounds and his stature favors that of a Basset Hound. Ollie is very stubborn at times. We can't take him outside without a leash because he smells something and runs the opposite way, but if we're in an open field or a large area he'll tend to stay closer to us. He's started chewing lately, on pretty much everything he can get his mouth on but he's sharp so with a little reprimanding he should be okay. Potty training wasn't that bad except he wasn't very vocal when he wanted to go outside. So we decided to put a cow bell on the door and now he rings it every time he has to go outside."

Sadie, the Lab / American Staffordshire / Dingo Mix, shown here at 3 months old

Sadie the Lab / American Staffordshire / Dingo mix, shown here at 3 months old.—"I got my dog Sadie from a guy down the street. He had the whole litter in a kennel with the mom being pinned up next to puppy's cage. When we first got her (at 3 months) she was not housebroken, was scared of other dogs, and especially scared of humans. At once we brought her to the leash-free 'puppy park' and within weeks she loved to play with all the puppies and little toy dogs. It wasn't until a month or two later that she felt comfortable playing with the bigger dog breeds."

"Her good habits are her behavior and obedience and her ability to learn new tricks and commands. She picks them up with ease. Bad habits would have to be peeing on mats/carpet in house and tracking dirt into the house ;). She also barks at walkers passing by our house, which I find annoying. She gets plenty of exercise. She runs around the yard all day, playing fetch and using the yard as a dog track, plus, she is taken to the dog park every other day and taken for walks/runs everyday."

"I grew up with a Lab / Shepherd mix and this dog is by far a lot more obedient and just as smart. She is more socialized with other dogs than my last and therefore loves to play with other dogs, truly amazing! I also was told my entire life that Pit bulls were vicious and horrific dogs, but it wasn't until I got my mixed Lab / Pit that I realized that they are truly a product of their owners and nothing else, just like every other breed."



"This is my Lab / Boxer / Rottie / Husky mix puppy named Ruger. He was three weeks old in this pic and I have to wait a while longer before bringing him home. I picked him out when he was 10 days old and his eyes were still closed. Of eight puppies he is the only one with both eyes blue. I am a fan of the Dog Whisperer and have been trying to work with my other dog before the puppy comes home. I want to be a strong pack leader."

  Ruger the Lab, Boxer, Rottie, Husky mix puppy at 6 weeks old.

Ruger the Lab / Boxer / Rottie / Husky mix puppy at 6 weeks old


Ruger the Lab / Boxer / Rottie / Husky mix at 6 months old—"At 6 months he is 21" and 50 lbs. One eye is still a very light blue while the other is marbled brown and blue. We are glad to have made him a part of our home."

Ruger the Lab / Boxer / Rottie / Husky mix at 6 months old—"Ruger is now 15 months old and weighs 72 lbs. He is a meek dog and has a gentleness about him I have never had in any other dog. He isn't one for lying next to you on the couch or bed, but he'll lie in whatever room you are in, usually by your chair. Working as a team Ruger does chase rabbits and other small animals with my other much smaller dog. Fortunately, it has been just chasing and no catching. He is developing a protective attitude but is still more of a coward than a watch dog. He does have a good deep bark. I can't tell what breed stands out more in him. He really seems a perfect blend of all of the breeds."



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