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Mongrel = Mixed Breed Dogs – Mutt or Mutts - Cross Breed

Zipper, Rat Terrier / Mountain Fiest

All Zipper's life he has loved to chase rocks; he brings you a rock and you have to throw it for him—he will do this all day if you let him. His owner calls him Rock hound and also Boo Boo.


Padme the Golden Lab mix with her puppy Sock Monkey Golden Lab / GSD mix.

"This is Padme (pronounced Pad-may) our Golden Lab hybrid. She found me in a parking lot when she was only about 6-8 weeks old. She is now 6 years old. What makes her amazing is that she is a very loving, calm, easy-going dog whose whole goal in life is for you to pet her. She ended up pregnant (oops!) at 5 years old and had 8 beautiful and healthy girls who all have had about the same temperament as her. They are Golden Lab / German Shepherd mixes. We kept one and named her Sock Monkey."

"We do apply Cesar Millan’s techniques to all 3 of our dogs. Not only are my husband and I pack leaders, but our children as well. Our 9-year-old daughter has no problems walking Padme because of the techniques we have all learned. All of our dogs now know what is expected and are well behaved."

  Sock Monkey the Golden Lab / German Shepherd mix puppy.

Sock Monkey the Golden Lab / German Shepherd mix puppy


Mongrel = Mixed Breed Dogs – Mutt or Mutts - Cross Breed

Vinnie the German Shepherd / German Spitz mix


Mongrel = Mixed Breed Dogs – Mutt or Mutts - Cross Breed

On the left is 3-year-old Baby Girl (Nova Scotia Duck Toller / Pit Bull mix) and on the right is 2-year-old Porthos Buddy Boy (Beagle / Black Lab mix): They are both rescue puppies, and love each other very much.



Mongrel = Mixed Breed Dogs – Mutt or Mutts - Cross Breed

Misha at four months old, a Chi-Maltipoo—a combination of a white, long-haired Chihuahua and a Maltese / Toy Poodle


Mongrel = Mixed Breed Dogs – Mutt or Mutts - Cross Breed

Jessie Grillo, Miniature Schnauzer / Jack Russell Terrier mix (puppy)


Mongrel = Mixed Breed Dogs – Mutt or Mutts - Cross Breed

Nari (nar-ee), a Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever / Golden Retriever mix


Mongrel = Mixed Breed Dogs – Mutt or Mutts - Cross Breed

Copper at 11 years old—he is the same height as his mother (American Eskimo Dog). He is a German Shepherd Dog (father) / American Eskimo Dog (mother) mix.

Mongrel = Mixed Breed Dogs – Mutt or Mutts - Cross Breed

China, an Akita / Basset Hound mix


Mongrel = Mixed Breed Dogs – Mutt or Mutts - Cross Breed

In Loving Memory—Nikita, a Norwegian Elkhound / German Shepherd mix


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